Best Way to Skin a Possum. . .

Uncle Eli

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Apr 2, 2005
Sunny Malibu CA.
Well actually I would like to know your best ideas for mounting a large Assembled Puzzle. (about 24x36) Modge Podge? some other wet glue? spray adhesive? Substrate? Glazing/no glazing? Any and all advice, and past experience is much appreciated.
I have dry mounted them with tissue on foam core and it has worked well.
We prefer to use Fusion4000 when drymounting puzzles because it will get in between the pieces supposedly holding them better. I say supposedly because after spending WAY too long on Christmas Eve getting the navy blue suede mat clean, I had a piece pop out on me.

I usually recommend the puzzle being glued with a puzzle glue first to avoid that... but then I still drymount with Fusion4K.

We usually prefer to mat them, but if we don't then we use a spacer between the glazing.

If you want - I could teach you how to skin a possum, dependant on size, age and season which all have varied techneekes.

After trying a number of different adhesives I have "stuck" with using PVA for most puzzles.
I once used Perfect Mount PMSX on a puzzle and it worked very well. It was a $3 puzzle and the woman put a $400 frame job on it. She liked the picture and when it was finished it looked like a $400 work of art, instead of a $3 puzzle.

I have a saying....a picture is a piture until it's framed and then it becomes a work of art.
I didn't know you had 'possums in New Zealand! :confused:

Every puzzle I've framed has already been glued together when it came into the shop.

I have framed them matted and unmatted but always with glazing.
Is the possum fresh take or Street Steak?

If they didn't have it glued before...send it home.

There is a glue that is made just for puzzles....

and if you're luckey Ron or Betty will be along and tell you what it is... I don't touch those things.

Now fresh caught Wallabie on the other hand.... goes great with Guiness and Fosters Black and Tan.
Drymount of almost any choice. We like SingleStep Plus, permanent low temp foamcore for puzzles. Speedmount and Restore for almost all other drymounting.

Laminate with satin laminate.

Puzzle is now held together from both sides and no glazing required.

The pour-on glues which have been applied by a "thoughtful" customer are a real pain because the back sides of the pieces are not usually flat, making drymount difficult.
I'm not so interested in skinning a possum as catching one 'cause there's one thats been wreaking havoc in our barn this past week and I haven't been able to catch it. Thought there might be some insight here and am very disappointed with these misleading subject lines.
Fusion type film works well for me. Or the modge podge works too and you wouldn't neccesarily have to glaze it if coated like that (see Ricks comments). Its all good. If $ is the prime motivator, mount, coat, mat, fillet, museum glass and very large frame. There, thats more info than I got. Who says I can't be selfless an helpful to my fellow framer?
If the puzzle's back has not been coated with something like Puzzle Preserver -- remaining uncoated, porous paper, I would vacuum-wet mount it to a sturdy board.

If the puzzle's back has been coated, I probably would not use dry mount tissue, as the adhesives may be incompatible. Instead, I would paint a generous coat of acrylic gel on the board, let it dry, and then activate it in the hot press. Acrylic would be, I think, compatible with most of the polyaliphatic resins or PVA glues made for puzzles.
Terry, how about a baited live trap to catch your maruading 'possum?
They seem to be especially fond of dog food.
Possum Problems...
I could loan you Turbo, my Smooth-Coat Fox Terriorist. He's proven in Possum catching. What you do then is up to you. Had some that the Green Berets cooked at one of the Scout camporees...tastes like Manatee. So did the rattlesnake and armadillo.

Puzzle...Beware the heat activated coatings that some puzzlers apply to protect the surface. The puzzle will become one with the heat press.
Foxy's are great at dealing with possums, we have them here (possums that is, we do have Foxy's also though) and they are considered not only as a pest but a noxious pest that destroys the native flora and fauna and also a carrier of TB which is of concern to all the farmers. Very destructive little critters!

Rick, wouldn't the laminate show air pockets over all of the punch lines?
My live trap must be to small? Bait is gone, door is shut but trap is empty. It's a medium size one I got when I found a mink in the basement. They must be bigger than that. My wife is afraid it will spread something to her horses. It thinks the hay bales are a good place to relieve itself.
Ditto on the gel med as a puzzle adhesive. It works on the front and back.
You might try a larger trap. They are about the size of a raccon...depending on age and how well they eat.

Or you could rent Wally's fox terrorist, but it's a long trip from Jax Beach.
oh GG, now you're just braggin'.

actually tastes more like spotted owl. Unless it's old then it's just tough and greasy like California Condor.

Would this puzzle be of Green Slugs??? Per chance?

Ditto gel medium, or in my case XXL. :D
Caught him! Now how do I get him out?
He's in the "Have-a-heart" still? You'll probably have to take him to a drop site at night and open the cage and wait. He won't come out voluntarily during the day.
Just got back from the nature preserve. I opened the door and he scampered right out, looking puzzled.
Since I could be a card carrying PETA member, notice I said "could",I'm not, I just get the willies from the title of this thread. I am so relieved to see something good come out of it with your capture and release of a real possum Terry. We need more sensitive males in this world. Good job!

Plus, lots of info on mounting puzzles too!
Terry, Remember that nature abhors a vacuum. Look for signs of other varmints coming in to fill the void left by the Possum's exit.

A friend of mine was having trouble with raccoons getting into his pond and eating his Koi. He set a trap and started a personal 6 month relocation program. He works at a local college that has a nature preserve. The college is about 12 miles from his home and across a major navigable waterway. He was taking 2 or 3 raccoons a week to the preserve when he finally sensed there was no end in sight.
He made peace with the situation by putting feeder goldfish in the pond at $.25/ea. vs. the $14.95 baby koi.
so, Teyy keep the trap. I don't want to hear any postings aobut you skinning a possum, I owuld have to take away your "sensitive Male" title!
Wally, that guy needs to tag those coons. He may find he's giving a ride to the same ones over and over.

Had a friend who kept evicting a set of coons about every week that were getting into his house.

Finally he trapped them and took them to the San Diego Zoo 400 miles away.... They didn't come back, but like you said, some other scavenger would move in....

And they did; in force. His 27 yr old out of work son and live-in girl 10 months preg. AND is 23 yr old daughter and three kids.....

7 months later he got smart, signed the house 50-50 to the fighting sibs, and moved into a 35' RV and hit the road...