Best technique for finishing back of mirror package


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 13, 2002
Fingerlakes Region of NYS
Doing a beveled mirror in a nice frame for a customer for a powder room.

Using wall buddies (for sure!) for hardware... but what is your favorite way to finish the back?

I have filled the back and put traditional dust cover but am wondering if a solid mat board might be better? Any pros or cons to this?

Since it is a powder room (toilet and sink, no tub) and not a full bathroom I would finish it as norman with FC and dust cover.

Unless someone is REALLLLY bad at washing their hands I don't see how the back can get wet.
Depnending on the weight, I use masonite for the back with screws every two inches or so, and wall buddies.
In my seminar "Fitting Mirrors with Style", I demonstrate this technique, using Masonite (MDF) as a backing, cut just slightly smaller than the outside frame dimension. Rather than staple the backing on as many large OEM's might, we maintain the professional finished back by attaching with stainless steel screws and cup washers (finishing washers)...


HookUps by Stuart Industries have been used in the sample above, but Wallbuddies or Hangman will also work well.

What the image does not show is the oversized rubber bumpers at the other end, which helps keep the mirror further away from the wall and perpendicular to the floor.


z-bar and security bracket(or 2) for t-locks at the bottom. very flush, exceptionally stable.
after all, perhaps more than any other framed item, this will need cleaning most frequently.

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