Best Cleaning Cloth I`ve used

Bud Cole

True Grumbler
May 30, 2000
Maineville Ohio USA
Would like to share with you that I`ve come across the absolute best glass cleaning cloth that I have used in over 30 years of framing. I know there are others and I`ve used many of them but this one is by far the best. They can be bought at your local janitorial supply distributor. It`s manufactured by Impact in Toledo, Ohio and is called --High performance Microfiber Glass and Mirror Cloth #3139. Lint and streaks are a thing of the past. No, I`m not a distributor or anything else--just want to share some good news. Bud Cole
Sherry-Talked with the local distributor and he said the best way was to contact your local janitorial supply house. But--just in case--Impact Products--2840 Centennial Rd.--Toledo, Ohio--1-800-333-1541 and fax--1-800-333-1531. Hope you are as impressed as I am. Bud Cole
Sherry--forgot to add that the local distributor said that they would not sell to you directly. You must go through your local janitorial suppy distributor. Bud Cole
If these are the same things I'm thinking of, you can buy a product like it at Costco and/or Sam's. Could also be the same as the microfiber rags from 3M? You just use water, then polish with a dry one. They are incredible.
We buy small ones meant for DVD cleaning, and give it away with every Museum glass purchase. Cost us about $1.50 from our office supply wholesaler, and we look really really generous!
3M's microfiber cloths are widely distributed, and we really like them. Maybe they're similar -- I wouldn't be surprised if 3M is name-branding them for others.
I just returned a bundle of yellow "microfiber" towels to Sam's, as they left small, difficult to remove yellow specks of LINT all over the cleaned glass.

They were shrink wrapped in a yellow package, several in a pack the size of handtowels, and they only cost around $8.00. Except they did not work (it said "lint free" on the package).
Have gone to Sams and Costco and bought the yellow towels just to try them out. They are not the same towel that I!ve mentioned above. The 3M towels have been around for awhile and they definitely aren`t in the same class. Folks--try them--you`ll like them. Don`t even know the price as I was given 3 of them. Good luck!!!! Bud Cole