best blade for cutting plexi


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Jan 29, 2004
Hey All,
Can anyone enlighten me to a blade/grind to produce the best results when sawcutting plexiglass? Our local plastics shop was vague and evasive when i asked about the type of blade to use. I remember when i was framing that a triple chip grind was ideal, but since all the plexi we used was cut for us, i never bothered to commit it to memory. Now i sawcut plexi all the time for stained glass repairs we do at the studio. I am using a 7 1/4" plywood blade/circular saw with less than ideal results.
I am continuing my search on the web, but i figured folks here would be in the know.
Thanking all in advance, Thom
There are also special files made for use with
plastic on the market and they are most useful
to have in the shop.

As has been mentioned before on this BB, a "negative hook" saw blade is what you are looking for to cut plastic. Any manufacturer or source will do.

I have looked and could only find 10" and larger for this style blade.

Any one else jump in, if they found a 7 1/2" blade.
Nuts!, I didn't read the whole message. You're not going to cut acrylic with a circular saw; you need at least a good table saw and ideally a sliding table saw for the cross cuts. We cut a good bit of the stuff on a sliding table saw with the Freud acrylic blades and they do an excellent job. With a hand held circular saw, the blade cuts up through the acrylic and there isn't any support as the blade exits causing vibration and tear out. With a table saw, you can use a zero clearence insert. I guess you could put a piece of 1/4" plywood on top of the acrylic if you had to do the job with a skill-type saw. That would be a lot of trouble. Why not try scoring the plexi?
Whatever blade you get, make sure that it is a no-melt blade for plastics. Other blades just will not cut a clean edge bud give you a rough edge with a lot of melted crud from the cut.

There was a recent thread that covered alot about acrylic and included links to suppliers that sell no-melt blades at;f=1;t=007747
Thanks everyone for the input! I should have prefaced my query with a little more info on my specific applcation. My question was answered none the less
Have a restful holiday,