Before and After


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 23, 2002
I am looking at some work that came in on Saturday, and I'm thinking that for those who post projects, it would be nice to see before and after pictures. I took in some pretty cool Tanjare paintings (?) I am not sure what they are considered, but they sure are beautiful. There are layers of painting, glass, semi-precious stones, metal work and gilding.

I'll post some before pictures shortly.

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Kind of reminds me of some of Kathy's creations.
Ok, I'll stop sucking up. But, they do!
How beautiful!!

Lucky you Less.

Are you going to post the final work?
If anything like this came into my little German shop, I'd have to have a cleaning service take care of the mess I'd make. Incredible! Have fun Lessadigit.

Those are some beautiful pieces. Did the individual that brought them in haggle about the price of framing or want a discount? We have done allot of work simalar to that, and they usually want a price reduction.(if they are from the country that the artwork came from, that's just the way things work there.)

Good luck, can't wait to see the finished product.
Cliff, Yes I will.

Wally, I didn't get a chance to make too much of a mess. The clients knew exactly what they wanted. In fact, they must of spent about half an hour debating about frames with each other while I worked with another client. You got to love when they can entertain them selves. I did show them a few samples and helped them make the final decision. The corner samples you see are their choices.

Mark, these clients looked liked they could afford anything they wanted and were most definitely not from where the art came. And yes, he did haggle. Must be a lawyer. He asked me how much? I threw what I thought might be a high guess, and he asked what I could do for him since he was giving me 3 pieces. It never ends, does it? So I sat down and gave him an accurate price that was about $100 Less. He felt good because he felt like he haggled and I felt good because I got what I wanted.

Oh no, The LaMarche has been discontinued!
I guess I have to start over.
Just did one of those with a Bainbridge Chinese red silk mat (please forgive the geographical anachronism) and LJ's Musee watergilt frame.

Wish I could post pictures - will go read Ron's tutorial again.