Bedouin mask


PFG, Picture Framing God
Jul 12, 2001
Middleburg, FL
Here is something I had the pleasure of framing recently.
The customer came in about a year ago to get a written insurance estimate and this was one of the pieces.
Everything had gotten wet due to an improperly sealed container on a cargo ship.
This piece was sent to a conservator for cleaning and I finally got to frame it.
I know it's not a very good photo.
Here are a couple of closeups.


I am certainly glad that I don't have to wear one of these things!

Hmmm...looks like the closeups don't show it either. Oh, well...

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Why Deb, you would be the Bell of the Ball at the Omni bar.... :D

Nice respectful job. Cotton thread or silk to sew down?
I thought it would be fun to wear with a harem costume...just not on a daily basis.
Yeah... funner than a boned corset... [don't ask] :D

Burkas are popular now.... and cheap. Not as flashy though. But go nice with a pair of black satin mules.
I like it too, Deb. :cool:

(What's for supper?)

Tom, you say supper......I say dinner......must be a regional thing. Either way, whatcha cookin' Deb?
Smoked 'possum that has been marinated in JBCJ.

Maybe I could stuff it with some soggy shredded wheat.
Yeah, with almonds! Mmmmm!! Hey Baer, guess who came in to the shop today??? And said tell you hi. (hint-hint....almonds!!!)
Told you so! Oh, wait . . . that was kind of rude. Sorry.

Let me try again.

Dear Val, I believe that I was correct and advising as such. Fun guy, eh?

I hope you told him to not be a stranger, since he only lives 3 hours away.... LOL

Sorry for hi-jacking your thread Deb.

We're done, sew you can have it backing....