Baseball Puzzle and Pics.


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Sep 24, 1998
Memphis, TN, USA
I was looking through some photos of pieces from the last year or so, and ran across this design I worked up with a customer during the last christmas season.

The customer had a round puzzle of some kids playing baseball, as well as some photos of her husband when he played little league and photos of her three kids who currently play. We stuggled through some more standard designs, but the size of the puzzle compared to the size of the photos was making it hard to come up with a well balanced layout. She had mentioned that the piece would hang in their game room, which had a pool table and many sports related posters. Then it hit me, lay it out like a baseball infield; including homeplate and baselines. The customer liked the idea, but was hesitant because turning the frame with the corners at the tob, bottom, and sides was so unusual. I ended up doing a quick mock up of the piece on some scrap mount board hanging around the work room, and she agreed to go ahead with it.

She was far from disappointed, and I recieved a note from her a few weeks after christmas. It turns out that it isn't hanging in the game room, but in her husbands office where it had been getting a lot of notice and great comments.