Baseball glove and ball


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Jul 3, 2004
hershey, pa
I have a customer who wants me to frame a glove and ball along with other memorabilia. The glove has the players name on the palm, so he wants it opened within the frame, making it very deep. Anybody ever do this? I'm afraid the whole thing is going to look forced.
This is so wild,
I just went to Colbert's web site and they had a picture of one right on the web sight. I bet he can help.

I was reading the thread from, "Sales Savy" and and I always check out new members web sites, and there it was.

It sounds just like what you are looking for.

By the way Kevin, Great web site!

You can make a great presentation with the ball & glove as big, dimensional focal points. Arrange the other items around/among them.

Use an acrylic box, and raise the flat items off the background (in mini-frames made of fillets, perhaps).

I suggest, to mount the ball, make a nest hole 1-1/2" -- 2" diameter and stretch matching nylon tulle over it. Wrap the ball like a lollipop, pull the ends throught the nest hole, and secure the tulle to the back of the mount board with hotmelt glue.

To mount the glove, use clear film straps in at least three supportive points.

Sounds like a fun project. Welcome to The G.