Barton Vise


Grumbler in Training
Mar 13, 2006
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Is there anyone out there that knows where I can purchase the Barton vise that accepts 6 1/2" moulding?
L/J used to carry it but they are out of stock and not expecting to carry it anymore, I contacted Barton Manufacturing and they are no longer making the vise.
HelLLLOOO...? Where is that Official Grumbler Welcoming Committee...?

Oh, um, it's me!

Welcome to the Grumble, glsf! I hope you'll stick around so we can ask you (and Cornell) all kinds of stupid questions about gilding!

I'll ask around about the vise. There has just GOT to be one out there with your name on it.

Would a jumbo size Masterclamp (sorrysorrysorry Boggy) do the same thing? Just wondering.

edie the manyvised goddess
Yes welcome to the G Santa Fe!
How about the Anaconda Vice from United?