Barnyard Blues


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jan 7, 2005
Hello! I would like to know where I can find some barnwood mouldings. That seems to be a neverending request by customers and my usual suppliers do not have what I'm looking for. Larson doesn't have anything nor does Cash Moulding Sales or International.
I tried a google search, but I always end up on some weird "wholesale" frame supply site. Yeah right!
Anyhoo, thanks for your help!
LJ's Sedona line of moulding is a rough textured sort of barnwood looking moulding style. Burnich Moulding makes a line of barnwood moulding also.

Have you checked with Crossroads or FrameKing or Framer's Supply in your area? Also check the Decor Sources book for barnwood mouldings.

Huneywood in Monroe, NC has some very nice barnwood mouldings. I'm not in the shop right now, but can get that info tomorrow if you want it.

Thanks all! I ordered some corner samples from Rustic Creations. I am getting a catalogue that I found on the Decor sources site. And...Betty, I just registered with Huneywood. And...I am looking at the Singleton site as we speak.
Thanks again.
Everyone is supremely helpful as usual!!!
Crossroads Dist. of Jackson Miss. has some great looking moulding with bobwire inset into a groove running through middle of the moulding.
Call for samples....Rep #1-601-319-5414 ask for Larry......neat barnyard look.....