ballet slippers???


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Mar 4, 2003
Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
In all these years, we've never framed ballet slippers - just got in 2 autographed pairs.

Not quite sure the best way to mount them, and also what to do with those long tie ribbons?

We usually love this kind of project - no budget limit :D and no rush at all - but are faced with a (fortunately rare) mental block.

Any help is, as per usual, greatly appreciated!

Thanks, in advance!!!
How long are the laceing ribbons. I have seen some that are criss crossed up the calf of the ballarenia. So maybe you could do something like that going up away from the slippers ,tacking with stiches of the same colored thread to the mat at the intersections.Or maybe you could just gather them and tie them in a pretty bow which you secured at the top, as though they were hanging from some hook. I would however couch the slippers to the mat alsoin a position that allowed the signature to be clearly seen.
I did some slippers before (sorry, didn't take a picture of it).
Sew the shoes done to the mat (I like suede for this has a softer look).
If there 'true' ballett slippers, use the seam where the sole is sown on to the shoe, to loop your thread thru.
For the ribbon: cross them and tie a nice bow, with you could 'hang' from a hook. I used nice ornate cup hook, but there are only a decoy.
You still need to sew the bow part down.
It might be a good idea to stuff the toes with tulle to help them hold their shape?

Are these actual used slippers? Is there any danger that they will end up looking like Framerguy's shoes if you seal them up in a frame?

Oh Lord, I sure hope not!!

Anything THAT bad that would grow on the feet of a ballet dancer is NOT something I want tucked in the foot end of MY bed!! :eek:




They're still sitting on my back porch, ..........sorta.

(They change locations quite often ........ by themselves.)