ballet project


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 17, 2005
I left my heart in san francisco/ st louis
this client brought me a pair of autogrephed ballet slippers along with other bits of memorabilia. the slippers themselves are sewn on, the hook does not actuallu support any of the weight.
p.s. i hope i managed to get the picture in, i've never tried to attach a photo before.
I was not able to post pictures from my yahoo photo album either. I ended up putting them on web space from my internet provider and that worked. Something technical about tokens that yahoo gives your computer when you sign in. They change on each login. I never did get my yahoo pictures to show.

thanks, baer! i have so few pics of my work, that's a major regret of mine. i built a very strong relationship with this client and she emailed me a pic after she hung it. it was aterrible photo! it's amaziong what you can do with the editing in yahoo photos. i'm just glad i finally got out of the dead end in yahoo photos
Welcome to TG imaluma! Nice work. How deep is that box? And what frame? Is that gold looking inner edge the sidewall or part of the frame? S.F./S.L.? Are you commuting? Glad you figured out how to post it's always nice to see what Grumblers are coming up with. Hope you'll take pics and post more in the future!
terry, i don't remember much about the frame except i am pretty certain it is larson juhl, it's about 3" deep and that gold shine is part of the frame. the walls are lined with the same matboard as the back.
i live in sf now, moving to st louis next week but expect to keep coming back home often...hence the 2 locations