Bainbridge NEW Artcare rev. foam board

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Oct 7, 2003
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We mounted an Asian silk on the new reversible artcare foam board and was very pleased with the results. Process was slick as a whistle in our vacuum press. Don't be afraid of this new stuff, it works like a dream!
Sounds good. How did you keep the fabric taut as it was beeing mounted?
...and is there any adhesive residue on the item that had been mounted? If not that would make it "removable", not "reversible".
...and isn't it still foamboard? And don't we have concerns about outgassing, even with the zeolites? And am I going to regret saying 'zeolites'?
We just received our first box of the product on Friday and were pleasantly surprised that a Spatula (appears to be Stainless) described in the removal instructions is also being included in the box.

Bainbridge states that it meets all archival standards (including current FACTS standards) and passed the Photographic Activity Test (PAT).

I spent part of the day mounting various items at varying temperatures, some were outside of the manufacturers recommendations. To my eye, mounted RC photos were significantly smoother than with other drymounted adhesives. Next week, I plan to go through the reversing procedure. It should be fairly easy to detect adhesive since it glows under a UV lamp.
Rick provides the best approach on any new product-that is test it and see if it meets your needs and your specs.

We too often debate in theory what can be answered in practice for the purpose of debate, not definitive results. The advertising answers most of the questions and I must admit that Chris Paschke's endorsement goes a long way. I don't think there are many experts that would hold a more "clinical" view.That goes a long way in my view.

I think this product covers that wide range of products that we used to question if some "flatter" type of mounting might be better (I think diplomas instantly come to mind).

For those items that we would never have considered anything but the more "traditional" hinging procedure, that hasn't changed

Man, I can't believe I actually posted something relating to a framing question

By the way Rick, I read your tagline too quickly. It made me want to volunteer for your committee until I realized that it was Tapes and Adhesives
Rick, I ordered a few sheets to test with and they came with no instructions. Could I trouble you to fax the info to me? FAX 603-672-7212. I tried a smallish piece and it worked great. I also tried a larger piece and got loads of air bubbles. I removed the poster (very easy, but had some residue) and tried again at a higher temperature, same results. Now I think I need to look at their fact sheet and , try again.
It's on the machine but getting a busy or other signal forcing it to redial.

Drop me a line if you still have trouble with it.

Cooling under weight is critical to prevent problems as you describe. Are you talking about porous or slick pieces?

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