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May 23, 2004
san miguel de allende mexico
awhile age i opened my shop here in central mexico. i have some clients who want expensive photos matted in 8-ply alpharag antique white. does anyone know where i can order it? united does not carry it. nothing much is available in mexico; i import almost everything across the border. i really appreciate this forum and am learning so much from all of you. thank you for any help or suggestions.
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Have you contacted N-B for a list of their suppliers So that you can comtact them?

We used to have a grumbler who was in Cabo San Lucis

See the directory --- #1649 Kakkibassi
Here are the Texas Distributors of Bainbridge. A little tough to follow because I copied it off the web site. They do not list international distributors to I think Jerome is right in that you'll have to contact N&B to see if there is someone in Mexico.

Balcones Frame Supply 2623 Buell Avenue
Austin, TX, 78757
phone: (800) 969-7716
fax: (512) 452-6326 N F
CMI Moulding/Dallas 2121 Butler Street
Dallas, TX, 75235
phone: (214) 631-6919
fax: (800) 222-8740 N B C F
CMI Moulding/Houston 11315 Tanner Road
Houston, TX, 77041
phone: (713) 690-1633
fax: (800) 833-8468 N B F
Grandview Moulding 11411-B Perrin Beitel
San Antonio, TX, 78217
phone: (800) 797-5769
fax: (210) 657-4144 N B F
J.R. Moulding Co., Inc. 3470 Lee Blvd.
El Paso , TX, 79936
phone: (915) 857-4900
fax: B F
Larson-Juhl 9232 Baythorne Drive
Houston, TX, 77041
phone: (800) 438-5031
fax: N B F
Larson-Juhl 4475 Sigma
Dallas, TX, 75244
phone: (214) 458-9898
fax: (800) 527-0477 N B F
Monarch Moulding 10909 Grissom Lane
Dallas, TX, 75229
phone: (888) 734-8181
fax: (972) 243-4599 N F
Prestige Moulding & Supply 5803 Sovereign
Houston, TX, 77063
phone: (713) 777-5800
fax: (713) 777-5829 N B F
River City Moulding & Supply 730 West Summit
San Antonio, TX, 78212
phone: (210) 732-8685
fax: (800) 255-8030 N B F
Singleton Mouldings, Inc. 1895 Hwy. 180 E
Breckenridge, TX, 76424
phone: (800) 338-6709
fax: (254) 559-7541 B F
United's item number for this item is B86408
It will be available 2 weeks or it can be shipped direct from Bainbridge. As usual we have a very competitive price.
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If you need something in the meantime, you can always bond two 4 ply boards together. I do so quite regularly, in fact I will sell every solid core rag board as either 4 ply or 8 ply and have it priced out in my POS. Customers get hooked on the look once they see it.

Read here:;f=1;t=007899#000003

edie the hookedonitmyself goddess

When you bond the two boards together - What's the temp and time, and do you use a vacuum press?

Mitch i have done it with just atg tape the pieces together. I think put them in the press you might effect the matboard to much, ie wwapage etc.
I use the temp that the press happens to be at that moment. That is, anywhere from 180- 210, I suppose. Dwell time is a bit long. I think I left one in for a half hour or so once when I took an involved phone call (okay, it was my mom) and it looked pretty darn good. I would say a few minutes would do it though. I always cool it under weight and have yet to see one warp.
I use a regular old 500T heat press, I have never used a vacuum press.

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