Bainbridge LS deleations


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Jan 15, 2005
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We did a update from LS and a lot of Bainbridge mat they list as deleated ARE NOT.
E-miled bainbridge and they verified that they are not deleted
Their seems to be a mix up.
Looks like the V was left of so LS has deleted.
I have calls in to LS to Fix.
It seems as though Nurre Caxton, Nielsen and Bainbridge erroneous deletions are worse than all other vendor updates combined (at least with the vendors that we use).

The POS vendors can only provide the files as given them by the moulding/matboard suppliers, so don't gripe too hard about the Software vendors.

Every week, we find a current NC moulding that has been submitted by NC as deleted in the database, but is current.

And with some POS (I dont think LS is in this group),


Vendors submitting corrections will not cause the status to be changed back to Un-deleted. Those POS users must know to search for them and un-delete manually OR Un-delete everything and re-run the latest update using a special utility.

We've been commenting to NB for quite some time until we finally realized that the comments only fall on deaf ears back where the POS files are being generated. So we just live with it, grumble about it and realize that nothing is likely to change.

I believe this change was broadcasted intentionally, back on March 22, 2006. The change was sent to all POS vendors, and created some confusion.

The vendor assigned new codes for the vellum items. They took the V off the end. If you use the base number, they should come up just fine. Reps got the word out fairly fast, because of the confusion.

I suggest re-labelling those items with the new number, to avoid confusion. If you use the Barcode feature of your POS, you'll want to print a new label and cover the old one.

Previous #: B8463V
Changed to: B8463 (LS changes it to B8463L if necessary)

That is my understanding of the issue. I hope this solves the mystery

Best regards
So, NB sent updates to POS vendors to delete / mis-label a large number of mats, but in reality they are not deleted?

And we are supposed to go and manually undelete / re-label 74 mats?

Shouldn't NB pay LS or whoever a fee to fix this stupidity, instead if us having to fix it for them in order to sell their own mats? Or am I missing something??

Do mat vendors really think we are sitting idle waiting to fix their delete / undelete mistakes??
Sorry. I don't care that much what is available and what isn't. All I want is that what I show is available. If it isn't on my rack, then so be it... Bainbridge messed up? Not my problem. As Paul says, I haven't time to reenter manually. Gone is gone. So sad.
The mats are all in the database, but with their newly assigned numbers. They haven't been discontinued, and the new ones come through printed without the V at the end.

If you blot out the V on those mats(with a marker), the base number is the new correct ID. If you use a barcode scanner, you'll want to replace the barcode with a new one.


What about the suppliers who we buy the mats from?? Did they update their databases too??

Once I was ordering from Framers Market and I asked for a mat and forgot to mention the "V", they told me there is no such mat!!

This is a fiasco in progress.

If it doesn't show in my POS, I ain't selling it, till NB fixes this problem....
I have no time to tell if it is really discontinued or screwed up related!

And does that mean nothing is discontinued?? They just changed the suffix??
Correct. None of those were discontinued, they just gave them new numbers.

People with old samples still have a V on there, while people with new samples do not.
OK, Mike, how about this:

I have the latest updates from LS as well as NB in my POS.

I just entered B433V, and it accepted it. I thought they dropped the "V"??

The plot thickens and sickens!
This is the e-mail I recieved for NB

These boards are not discontinued. We have plenty of stock on all mentioned below.
Please check with Lifesaver to verify they have updated their software from us.

Mary Ann La Regina

So who's updates are correct?

I checked with my NB rep today. She informed me they applied a patch to fix those problems, in LifeSaver (I did check and it seems to be working as before, with the V suffix.

No mention of SpecialtySoft fix though.
Hi everyone, sorry to bring this back up but I am still having problems getting the Bainbridge vellums in Lifesaver. I updated back on June 12 and it had a bunch of deletions which I deleted as usual. I have updated since and the program is up to date, 4.32. But when I enter B8152V or B8152 or B8152L nothing comes up.

So do I need to manually enter the vellums back into the database? When you browse the database they are not there.

Any information will be quite helpful.
Thank you,
Hi Allison,

It was great seeing you at the PPFA meeting.

B8152 (previously sold as B8152V) comes up in mine as "HUSK ALP AC(VELLUM)" in 32x40 only(no 8152L)

It's odd that you aren't seeing the new number! My advice is to:

a) Try doing another update

b) If that doesn't bring it back, you can remove that vendor and re add it (in the MATS database), then do an update immediately after to get a fresh list of items and their prices.

c) If the above doesn't straighten it out (and I'm fairly sure it will), you may have to give the pros a call at tech support.

Best regards,
Hey Mike,

I did another update last night and it told me there was no new info. I will try and remove/add the vendor.

Good advice, I'll let you know if it works.

Thanks a bunch!