Bainbridge Boxes


Cliff Wilson

Ok, which one of you told your Bainbridge Rep it was a pain to collect bar codes for the foam rebate?

Just got my "pretty" fancy box to save bar codes in. Cheez, I wish they'd just increase the rebate or something.

Some marketing genious decided we were incapable of saving bar codes so they made us a box! I hope whoever complained is happy!
I think they should just track it through the distributor (i.e. computer) and give us the rebate based on those reports. Too easy I guess
Cliff, it was me, Lynnie and we had dinner at the round table in Las Vegas. What a bloody royal pain to collect bar codes when an invoice should do the job. Maybe they are afraid of us not showing a credit for a returned box and horrors they should pay for an extra box, but who in their right mind returns a box of foam core? Let's face it, the survey says...... 95% of the people will not take the time to fulfull all the requirements it takes to get a rebate, therefore they do not have to shill out the "dough" for the fabulous program.

I made a system, my two distributors I pay monthly so when I write the check I make a copy of the invoice and attach the bar code right then and there, so each month is done and I am not scrambling at the end of the year. It works for me!

I keep hearing about a Nielsen rebate and now a Bainbridge rebate. WHAT REBATES? I know I'm newly back in the saddle, and probably missed something that happened/was announced eons ago...but will someone please explain these rebates, and any others I might be missing out on? Or am I missing out? Are they even worth the time to explain?
I'm one to take advantage of early-pay invoices to get the discounts, so every little $$ saved/rebated is worth it to me. Thanks.
Val, the "Nielsen rebate" was on metal chops. I believe they are not repeating that this year. The "Bainbridge Rebate" is off boxes of foam. This year (really March to December) it is $10 off Artcare and mounting (restore and speedmount) and $2 off regular foam. It adds up over the year. But, you have to send in the invoice AND the bar code from the box.

Not really a big deal. THIS YEAR they sent me a fancy printed box about 1 1/4" wide with a velcroed lid to save the bar codes in. Had to cost them a bit to make and send these things! I mean come on, you can't grab a manilla folder and throw them in there!

This is a typical BIG company marketing reaction to customer feadback. Drives me crazy! They hear complaints so they solve the wrong problem, because they aren't REALLY listening to the root problem!

And Val, yeah it's worth it.
Originally posted by Elaine:
I think they should just track it through the distributor (i.e. computer) and give us the rebate based on those reports. Too easy I guess
Well Elaine, you should know by now that rebates don't work that way!

Whoever issues rebates bet on the fact that people will either lose the material required for the rebates, or give up because of the whole cumbersome process!

They offer rebates left and right because the redeeming factor is quite minuscule indeed.

Look at CompUSA, WorstBuy and CircuitCity: Almost everything they sell has 2-4 mail-in-rebates attached to it...