Baibridge rag price increases


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wondering what you Lifesavers and others with the more popular POS systems are doing about the newly annoucned price increases on Alpharags. Entering each by hand? Assigning new classes to each mat? Price jumps range from a couple percentage points to about 13% so it's no "ho hum" increase we're talking about.

Input would be appreciated. :rolleyes:

Doesn't LifeSaver supply updates for the various materials suppliers that you have on your database? They should come through with the updated prices already installed in the .zip files.

I haven't entered individual increases in years. I just wait for the updates to become available from my POS site and download them.

the classes of mats are updated with deletions, additions,m etc. Not pricing. Altho I must say there's an update to Lifesaver I have yet to install. I understand individual mat pricing can be done by that method. Maybe i shoud do that first, huh???
They are pre defined in "classes" that cover cost ranges x to y. If the prices change, I believe the logic will follow through and bump it up accordingly - as defined.

It can optionally be configured to use a simple multiplier to calculate the price, just like it does for mouldings. You can specify wholesale cost range x to y, should be marked up z times, etc. It can support multiple markup ranges, depending on the cost. If you'd like to switch to this pricing method, go to Configure System -> Check USE MAT MARKUP TABLE to ON. Then go into Moulding Maintenance and the markup configuration section will be at the bottom of the screen.

Altho I must say there's an update to Lifesaver I have yet to install.
You should see the NEXT version that's coming out soon.
It was unveiled at the recent Florida show and will be displayed in Vegas and NY. It's completely different with a much more intuitive layout, a lot of user suggestions were added, redesigned screens that work in higher resolution, etc. We're beta testing it here and are extremely pleased with the improvements. If you're going to one of the upcoming shows, stop by their booth and check it out.

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I would double check with Livesaver. I am shure that they change the prices in the files as well as add and delete SKU's.

Frameready that I currently use :cool: and Fulcalc that I used for 10 years both change prices as well as modify SKU listings.
We Beta test Lifesaver also, and the prices are updated when the rest is updated. Like Mike said Lifesaver either uses Mat Classes or Mat markup. We changed from Classes to markup because when the prices change with the update then our software is updated. Using Classes you have to update costs by class. You can do that with a % or cost per UI. I say do it like you do moulding.

I also read something from Jay Goltz recently about UI and square feet. Had to do with most framers charging per UI when if sq/ft is calculated you are using much more mat/ft2 than UI allows for. I've been thinking about it and have my own opinions, what about the rest of you.

Not to Frakenthread this or anything!
Looks like a lot of things a jumping up this year. La Marche is raising their prices as well.

Here I am, looking for lower prices to entice people to shop & our suppliers are trying to slow down the volume, go figure.

A lot of this stuff is imported, and the American Dollar is shrinking
Jerry: having taken Jay's class in Atlanta two yers ago, we came back and rejiggered everything according to his philosophy.

So far, works beautifully.

took a full day to do it and revamping labor charges, UI to sq. in. etc. But got it done. Average ticket went way up.

No reason not to follow the guidelines he lays out. After all, he IS profitable.