Bad News / Good News

Rick Granick

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Jun 30, 1999
Cincinnati, OH
The bad news: My trusty eMac on my desk at work bit the big one due to a logic board video failure. It was no longer under warranty, so the cost to replace the board was going to be about the same as the machine's current value. As some of you may know, the current crop of Macs is based on Intel chips, and so no legacy (os9 or "classic") software will run on them. (Backward compatibility in upgrades is not even on Apple's radar screen these days :mad: ) Anyway, because I like a lot of my older software and have many template docs, I had to find a suitable "classic" replacement machine.

The good news: I found a vendor that specializes in reconditioning, upgrading, and reselling Mac equipment, and is very thorough, thoughtful, and professional. It's called, oddly, Operator Headgap. But don't let that name be a hindrance for you. If you are in need of non-new Mac equipment, or any accessories or upgrades, at very good prices that include shipping, quick service, and helpful real people on the phone, check them out. I got a G4 flatscreen iMac (the one with the round base) like the one at my front counter, upgraded with new memory and a brand-new DVD-burning Superdrive. All is working well so far. Monday I'm having the data from the old HD transferred to the new machine, then it's back to work.

:cool: Rick