Bad Mat Day


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Nov 19, 1998
whitewater,wi.53190 usa
Today was the worst day ever in my young framing career for cutting a mat. This 32 1/2 x 34 1/4 had five openings over 8x13 each. I was using SRM83297; the edges were not straight, the corners weren't so hot either (overcuts). I have started having these problems more and more on large mats.

This mat was for a student show at the university and the student absolutly put his nose almost directly on the glass to look for the imperfections and boy I'd say he found some! When I was trying to cut this monster it was like pulling a boat anchor through the muck. At one point I had both hands on the cutting head pulling (its a good thing there wasn't a drowning man on the other end, he wouldn't of made it!)

I cleaned my C&H used a #1500 double bevel blade. The kid was looking for perfection and I really didn't come close. He suggested I might look into a CMC. I think I am going to Philly to get help soon! I just don't have a clue as to why the small test mats I cut were very good and his went to **** in a hand basket.
I bought several sheets of Tru Vue Ultimat (same color) and had an HORRIFIC time cuttnig them. Ended up using a .016 blade and a non fabric mat.
Got them cut after much frustration and wasted mats.
Told my supplier and they knew of the issue, Tru Vue had informed them of some "defective" mats. Something about the glue to hold the layers together did not mix right or something.
Try to cut a little one out of your fallouts and see what happens.
Steven thanks for the advice, I will try to cut from the other pieces. I didn't mention that I installed my production stops before attempting one last try at the big mat. The sample mats I cut were from other mat boards and they really looked good. Using the production stops helped the corners a great deal. Maybe I didn't use the right blade either. I'll do more research into this.
Try switching to the C&H 1200SE single edge blades. It made all the difference in the world when I first started out framing. I use the 1200 blades on everything, 4 ply, 8 ply, double mats.

I agree with Mike on using the 1200 SE blades. I have an old C&H mat cutter and switching to the SE blades when they first came out made all the difference in the world. YOu only get half the life out of a blade but they cut smoothly and don't hang up in any of the boards that I cut with them.

I was using a sixty inch flecther and no dice...switched to a 48 and it has been better, but the main help was the 1200se blades. i think the 60 inch is warped or something, can never get it straight, but that i think is from mishandling. try the 12oo se blades i agree with tom and mike.