Backing Offsets


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jan 7, 2005
Just mounted an Irish linen to foamcore. Used painted gold spacers. The package was more depth than I had so I used 1/8 inch offsets to hold it together. Looks good except for the back. what's a good way to dust cover it. Seems like it's going to look sloppy or get a finger poked through the slack? Any ideas or just back it as usual?

Thanks in advance,

I ususally back as normal but will cut the corners with a 45 degree bevel to avoid a bumpy ridge along the sides.
I have used Rabbetspace, but it was a pain dealing with those tiny, minute screws. I have had the same situation and applied frame tape around to cover the offsets and screws. Then, when the dustcover is applied, they do not appear to protrude from the dustcover. Make sense??? :rolleyes:
I've lately taken to removing the screws just prior to applying the dust cover, one side at a tim. Then reinserting the screws after the paper is down. Gives the paper a more finished look. Or at least a less crumpled look.
The trick with RabbeSpace is to use either black foam board, black mat board, or black kraft paper as the last layer in the frame.

Tape seal the glass, art and backing package before putting it in the frame. Use the nice black RabbetSpace and the nice teeeeeny black plated screws that come with it and DON"T put a dust cover over it all. It will look very nice thank you.

The special drill bit availabe from FrameTek drills the right diameter and depth pilot hole in the frame and also drills a clearance hole through just the RabbetSpace to allow for a little expansion between screws. (Leave the screws slightly loose) The drill has a stop so you can't drill too deep.

There is a small groove in the RabbetSpace that you put the drill point into so that all the screw holes line up nicely.

The magnetic bit holder magnetizes the phillips bit to hold the teeeeeny black screws.

Watch the short video on the FrameTek web pages to see how to do it easily and quickly.
I agree with Greg. Rabbetspace is the way to get a good looking back with minimum protrusion. The little black screws aren't so bad once you get used to them, and they look great when the job is finished. I usually use black Coroplast (fluted polypropylene) or black Sintra (smooth PVC sheet). No dustcover.
Thanks so much everyone. Lots of good advice as usual!