Back up.


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Jul 30, 1997
A gremlin got us last night. I hope all is well for another year or two.

Bless your heart, Bill!

You know we always get worried and nervous and paranoid and antsy and start going into withdrawal without our beloved Grumble!

Whew, that was scary!

If that ever happens again, I think you should personally email all 2,000+ of us with some reassurance that the Armageddon isn't here just yet. Or, a phone call would work as well.

(On the other hand, I got twelve pairs of pants ironed during the time I would normally have spent on The Grumble this morning. I'm set for another three months or so.)
Thanks again, Framer, for all that you do on our behalf!

I had the shakes without my morning G fix

Thanks Framer I too need my G fix every morning.It's 9 pm now and i missed you all this morning.
Heck, I couldn't get Robbie the vicious guard dog to eat a bit of his dog food this morning!! I think that he knew something was amiss with the Grumble.

Or it may have been the fact that I was pacing all over the place in my PJ's and ranting about G-Forces and antigravity stuff and such!!

(Personally, I don't get upset a bit when the G goes down. I am sure that the facial twitches and itching are from something I ate last night.)

Glad to see we are back in Drive again.


Man that was rough! I actually had to read last night! And what I read was my digital camera operating manual. Blah.
I really gotta get a life.

Thanks Framer, I was beginning to go into GT's!
thank you! I was starting to worry!!! I was trying to remember who's email I have so I could email and ask if it was just my computer or what!!!

Ha! I did e-mail another Grumbler with the same it just mine, or what??? Then I tried on my shop computer and got the same I knew it wasn't just mine.

I didn't realize how hooked on TG I am!
All together now...

Hi, My name is Susan, and I'm a Grumble addict.

Thanks for fixing the Grumble Bill. Where would we be without it?
I,m Cool!

Went away Friday for a weekend's trekking in Mid Wales, just got back, so I missed all this - just as well, I would have turned to drink!

I walked to the source of Britain's longest river - the Severn, high up in the hills.

Here's a shot - the writing is Welsh for - guess what? - "Source of the River Severn!" and is pronounced 'Tar-thy(as in 'thine')-ad Avon (don't pronounce the 'A') Havren (There is no 'V' in the Welsh alphabet)

Bless your little heart...I thought I had drunk to much!!! Well...