Audubon print acid damaged

Lori Drugan

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Sep 8, 2004
Fairlawn, OH
Can anyone please give me some insight on how severe acid damage effects the value of an Audubon print. This particular piece, "House Wren" from 1830 was framed in 1969 with a crecsent pebble board and the backing was merely a sheet of paneling. That will give you an idea of how badly burned the art is, and my customer said the piece is valued at 15,000. After that he looked at me as if to ask if I thought in this condition if it still held that value. I have framed many of these using museum mounting methods, but don't know quite what to tell my customer about this one. Any helpful info?
Thank you,
Questions like this make me think about Antiques RoadShow. "Your Chippendale Highboy, in original condition would be worth $2.5Million, but since you stripped it and left it outside its worth $2500!"

Then they say to bring it to a furniture restorer to repair the damage.

So..... Before actually framing it suggest s/he get it to a conservator to bring the value back. I have a customer who uses a conservator in the MD area, the difference of before and after is incredible!

THEN it'll be worth framing
I'm with Bob on this. Have a good art conservator take a look at it. They should be able to do alot for the art. I've seen artwork that I was ready to throw away turn out beautifuly after my art conservator got his hands on it. And unlike furniture finishes it can only help the value of the art to have it done PROPERLY.
This is worth getting a conservator to address the issues. However, in perfect condition it was never worth close to the $15,000 that your customer claims. My advise is not to question your customer on the value but offer to remove it from the frame and put it between to pieces of rag board for them to store until they wish to seek professional advise. This way there will be no misunderstanding and you will not be held accountable for any of the previous damage.