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Attaching to brick


CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Sep 22, 2003
Atlanta, Georgia
I have a framed canvas that needs to be mounted over a brick fireplace. What would be the best technique to mount this frame into the brick work? Thanks for your inputs!
How large / heavy are you talking about?

There is an item called a BrickClip (United sells them I believe) that works up to about 15 pounds or so.

If a permanent hole is OK you can usually use a small hardened nail with a standard picture hook. "OOK" (Impex) makes a picture hanger with such a hook. I think Home Depot carries them.

Hope that helps.

Dan, check the United catalog.

They sell a product called 'Brick Clips' designed just for this type of installation.


edit: That Tony is just too quick.
I think those brick clips only work well if the brick actually sticks out proud of the mortar. That's kind of unusual. I tend to drill holes in the mortar and use plastic anchors and screws. The mortar is soft enough to be easily drilled with a carbide drill bit and a regular drill. You don't need a hammer drill. After drilling blow the dust out of the hole (I blow through a straw) so the anchor can grip better. You can either leave the screw sticking out enough to hang from or you can run the screw through a 50lb hanger. Piece of cake....

Installer's tip:
Tape a paper bag just below the hole before drilling and you don't have dust falling all over the lower bricks and the floor. No cleanup.
We usually recommend dropping two wires from screw eyes in the ceiling just where the wall and ceiling join. It is much easier to patch up when the decor changes.