SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Mar 25, 2004
Tampa, FL
had a set-large & small ones--for 2 years....relatively happy with them(in the right application)... was in the middle of a RUSH job(my fault it was rush) and the large one starts jamming, ate the needle & wouldnt let it go.. the small one starts jamming closed(as after you squeeze the trigger) and wouldnt unstick until I'd broken the tag or pulled it out.. I junked both of them
.....(actually felt pretty good for 2-3 minutes!!!) actually finished up the job with

please tell me they have IMPROVED the design in the 2 years I've had em??????????? I like the idea but really hate the execution.......
Bill, had some frustrations myself, but would have to say, "it is operators error". Having been to the Veagas show this past Jan. and having Pat do a demo, sovled all of my operator error problems. No more breaking needles when you know how to use them. There is more to it than just poking it thru and pulling the trigger. No disrespect meant, just the way it is.

Won't do you anygood if you trashed em, but if anyone else is experiencing problems give Pat a call, she'll help you thru it.
Could it be that because it was a rush job that you weren't being quite as careful as usual? I've had mine for roughly a year and have used it quite a bit with no problems. I got extra needles when I bought it, but only bent 1 when I was learning how to use it. Haven't bent any since.

It is a hollow needle after all and is delicate. If it gets bent a little when you push it into the mat, it makes sense that the pin that pushes the fastener in will probably get stuck in the bend. Do you twist the gun back and forth slightly as you push into the mat? I find this helps. And of course you have to push 'straight' in and have a delicate hand at it.
Some may consider it a nuisance, but I ALWAYS tap thru the board with a pushpin first. And keep extra needles on hand, for when we're too rough, though it's not often anymore!
I have a reverese question for all of you AEZ users having problems of any type. Have you ever tried an alternate brand? And if you did was there More,Less or about the same problems? Also where they priced the same?
There is always a learning curve with every product. I too went through the process and haven't bent a needle in over 2 years. A rush job is never the time to learn something new.
I have just recently had the opportunity to start using these and I love them!!!!!! What I remember from the demo that saw is that you sort of turn it back and forth gently until it gets through the matboard then shoot. If you don't, it is more likely the needle will bend. I saw it demonstrated right after they came out 3 years ago. I have had mine since November and have yet to break or bend a needle.

I do the same as Bren. Push a hole through first with an awal or a large darning needle embedded in a wooden handle, then the risk of breaking a needle and the necessity to be ultra careful has been removed!
The reason for my earlier questions in this thread ,that may have seemed silly was :Who keeps looking and buying when they are satisfied with the results they are achieving?
But Isn't it possible to be satisfied with more than one product that does the same thing?Further more unlike what someone has already suggested ,I doubt that many if any buys another competiting product if they think that what they are seeing is the best available or if they don't see any need to improve what they are already achieving with or without any equipment.

That is unless you AREN"T satisfied. Then the question is does the lack of satisfaction sour you to all other brands of competitors even despite the fact that you might get the same results for less cost.

In another thread the question was raised about which mat cutter was better due to a problem that exsited but more than likely was operator error or lack of proper adjustment which can be true of ALL cutters.I submitt the same may easily be true of tagging guns. They all may require a bit of skill to operate effectively but when operated in that manor isn't it still possible for a cheaper purchase to be a more effective purchase? or maybe no purchase at all since it saves the most with out any headaches or new skills?
So is it fair to say one is better because you had a problem with the first you owned? Or worse is it fair to assume that since what you or others has suggested that your first accquisition was the best should you stop compareing others and even differnt techniques which may save you money?

Have I made that clear as mud?LOL
I've had mine for about two years. Kind of a love-hate relationship. Example; the last jersey I did try about a half dozen times, each time the fastner would break when I pulled the trigger. Then about six in a row worked just fine. then over a dozen broke in a row, almost threw the dang thing out the window. I just put it down and walked away for a few minutes. Came back, two or three worked fine then they started breaking again. Put the not so EZ fastner back in the box and finished the jersey the old fashion way... needle and thread. Haven't had a need for it since. I'll give it another try next time I get the need for it.
Mine is manufactured by Avery Dennison, and has performed perfectly every time
If you need to make a pilot hole first and do not have a very fine awl or a home made one like Osgood's - try this - cut a circular disc from rubber and use it to grip the side of the needle.

My disc is purpose made and I can get through most boards easily with it. Difference is my needle will be threaded too - but we won't go there!
I also have a love hate relationship with my fastener and for the same reasons that Denny shared.
Last project...crocheted doilies...5 of them.
My frustration level was high but it was still easier than stitching.

I'm using the avery dennison tools purchased from our sponser.
Is it just me or are we beginning to hear that some of the tag guns being used aren't AEZs and then some are but they all seem to produce about he same level of problems and some have even taken a Hietus from their use and resorted back to needle and thread even if only temporary? So with that in mind does the cost of the equipment have any bareing ? And are there products/methods of eqaul value for less cost ?

I dare say that this sort of comparisons are not unfair to ANY vendor and may be a bit more helpful of a comparison then going with the new toy because "EVERYONE" ??? has one. And no matter what method or gadget some one reports they are useing they aren't "TRASHING/BASHING" the competition Unfairly. But to exclude the results of all the others is exactly that.IMHO

e.g.I have bought alot of kitchen gadgets that seemed wondeful and now cluter the drawer while I resort to what ever I used before I saw them.LOL ( maybe I should do as I say do,since none of us are immuned)
I also remeber Vivian Kistler once saying in one of those Decor free classes on Tips that we framers are Gadget Junkies and a lot of suppliers KNOW it.
So be sure you have shopped /looked at ALL the competition before you accept the "UNSOLICTED" endorsement of any of them. There just may be an equally as good method/product that cost much less.