attach a photo to a certificate


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Oct 20, 2003
Northeast US
The customer has a taekwon-do certificate (good heavy paper) with a dotted-line box where a photo is supposed to be affixed. The photo is about one by two and has a plastic feel, I’m not sure what will stick to it. I plan to use mylar corners to support the certificate, but how do I attach the photo?
Hmm, no one seems to want to jump in here??

I have been doing a number of Papal blessings which are essentially what you describe. A large "certificate" and a picture of the Pope that needs to be adhered to a "square" laid out on the paper.

On recommendations of some Grumblers and some things I read on HH I have been using Zig 2 way Glue. "Acid-free, Xylene free and non-toxic. It is sold primarily for scrap booking applications, but seems to work well.

Iknow, I know, adhesive on "art" ... But, in this case it is designed and intended to be adhered. The Zig product seems to do the job well and the applicator tubes it comes in is easy to use.

Why not use the same small Mylar corners that you will be using to mount the certificate?? You can trim those corners down with a scissors before you peel them off the backing to fit the small photo. If you use the "Maxi-view" corners there won't be much showing anyway.

If you want a smaller lip on the corners, simply slip a piece of the backing paper into the corner and carefullly trim the lip down with a sharp Exacto knife. I have to do this often when the edges of the corners peek out from under the edges of the matboard.

I would use Perfect Mount film.

Or, to be perfectly frank (where IS Frank, anyway?) I might use that roll of 3"-wide ATG I bought for no good reason I can think of.
Hey Ron- not to frankenthread this, but you can use that roll of 3" wide ATG for making a 3" wide strip of any type of decorative paper "self-ahdesive". You can then cut it into strips on your matcutter, peel off the liner, and use it to cover the edges of bevelled foamboard to make your own infinite variety of Bevel Accents. It's fun!

As for the topic of this thread, I was thinking that PMA might be a good choice, or even an acid-free glue stick as scrapbookers would use. Perhaps this is similar to the Zig product Cliff mentioned.

Thanks, Rick.

That's what we got it for. I have about six rolls, so I hope it has a good shelf life.