Atlanta Grumble Dinner--Please read!

Barb Pelton

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Apr 14, 2002
The Show Me State
Heads up everyone. I need a couple of things from you guys. Since our crowd has swelled to over 40, we need to make a few adjustments.

First, the restaurant offers a couple of options for this size of a crowd.

1) For a set price of $35.00, each of us can select from 3 entrees, and everyone can have a starter and a dessert that would be predetermined.

2.) They could also put together another menu that would offer 1 appetizer, 1 starter, your choice of 3 entrees, and 1 dessert and each of us would pay for whatever we ordered.

My personal opinion is that it would be so much easier to go with the first option. This way everyone knows what they are going to be charged on their credit card. (any alcohlic beverages you may order would be additional charge, of course).

Also, for a group this size, we need to guarantee a number of attendees and I need that number by Sept. 13th-FIRM! We can go over the number by a small number, but we cannot have less than what they guarantee or will have to pay the $35. per ea. no show. So, for those of you who gave me soft numbers and maybes, please firm those numbers up.

Sorry about the changes, but this has turned into a mach larger group than we've had in the past,

and Atlanta is just overflowing with extra conventions that have been moved into the downtown facilities that were previously scheduled for New Orleans, so we have to adapt to the demands that are being put on all of the facilities there.

I'll be back soon with more info.

Confirmed option 1 attendees from Get The Picture:

Mike Labbe
Andy Langlois, CPF

PS: Do you need a volunteer to make name tags? I can do so if you need help.

Dinner is Saturday, Sept 17th at 7:00 p.m. at McCormick and Schmick's which is located in the CNN Center
Here's who I have so far:

Myself and Angie
Mike and Andy
Mecianne and Derek
Rock and Judy
Kassandra and Tony
Nona and Hubby
Jay and Lexi
Jim Miller
John Ranes
Shirley Damon
Don and Judy
Bob and Maryann
Deb (Farm Girl)
Pat K.
Leslie and Kathy

I need firmer numbers from:

Jerry Ervin
and the people from Lifesaver

anyone else can join us at this point as long as you let me know a firm number.

Please note that if your name is on the list and you are not able to attend, we need to know because our group will be charged for any "no-shows". I will give them my credit card number for the deposit, but I'm not keen on having to pay for any no-shows, so please communicate any changes to me please.

Thanks guys! It's going to be a great time!!!

(Oh, and if there are any vegatarians or special diets in the bunch, please let me know....)
Option 1 sounds good. I always have to read the entire menu...twice, so limiting my choices is a good idea.
Do otion 1, it's the company, not the food., though I've eaten there several times and it is excellent.

Name tags sound wonderful. I can put e-mail names and real names with faces!! I'll forget them tomorrow, but for one night, wonderful. I'd blame the memory on age, but I've never had a memory for certain things. Numbers, spelling, namers, the list goes on, BUT, I do know color and design!

Double kuddos to Barb for putting this together.
Option one sounds good.

KISS(keep it simple)

Looking forward to seeing everyone.

....and THANKS for all your work on this, Barb.
Sorry guys, you'll have to count me out this time. Personal matters will keep me in Colorado. Maybe I'll make Vegas.

Patti Shunk
Mike, can you be extra clever and put any avatars on our nametags? I know a lot of you by the pictures (guess that makes me visual, eh?)
Barb, I had my husband as a "maybe", but he will not be joining me in Atlanta.
You're spoiling the surprise Ellen
I don't have an avatar, Mike. I guess I'm not too clever. If you do this, would you make a "horsey" one for me?
ooooooooooo! CUSTOM ones! Of course mine will be the same. I don't care if the Avatar Fairies call that a cat. It's a SURPRISED LABRADOR
I've never done one because I have no idea what it would be. I like Mike's that changes all the time.
Carol, of course. You always have a nice big stylish smile

Still count on me & Derek. We have a sports photography event that will last until 12 or 1 pm on Sat. so it monkey-wrenched out weekend, but we will be able to make it for dinner. It's only about 2 1/2 hours from here to there. Maybe we can actually stay the night & go to the show on Sunday if we can find somewhere to sleep! If not, who cares....I'm just coming for the Grumbler dinner anyway! ;)
If you are only staying Sat. nite, try the Omni. I got a reservation for Sat. nite only yesterday at the Omni for $155.00 on I could find nice hotels for less money, but I did not want to be walking around Atlanta after dinner. Safety first.
Thanks Pamela....will check on this.
Please cancel Don and Judy Dolan.

Saturday evening we're spinning too many plates in the air, so we must miss the fun dinner event, or risk one crashing down.

Thanks Barb. We'll miss seeing you guys.
You can take me off the list aswell. $140 to feed my clan is to steep. Hope to see everyone at the omni bar at other times.
It looks like we have some extra seats. If anyone has been unsure, it's probably not too late to register here in this thread.

It'll be a great evening
If you haven't checked in with me, please take a minute and do so!

Also, I need about 5 volunteers to take care of drink tabs. Even though each of us will be charged the same for our dinner, there will be a separate drink tab run for each table, so I need one person at each table to make sure the drinks get added onto the individual bills. (Is that clear as mud?) This means someone who is good at math, or who can remember to bring a little calculator. I'll cover my table.

Raise you hands if you volunteer. Otherwise, I'm going to appoint people that evening.

For those of you who have asked, the $35. does NOT include the gratuity, or tax. So, yes, the actual meal cost will be more like $45, plus your alcoholic beverages. A small price to pay for good company if you ask me, which you didn't....

If you've been sitting in the wings, thinking you'd like to join the dinner, but thought it too late, now is your chance. We've had some drop outs, so there are seats waiting to be filled. It WILL be a good time!
I'm gonna be there Barb!
Option one is good for me, I will actually be one of the Lifesaver Crew. Paul said that they were going but, I'll email him to verify.
Checking in with you, Barb. What a great job you're doing! I see a Cathy on the list and I'm Cathie so I'm assuming I'm also the other one.
Forgive me the spelling faux pas!

Folks, keep checking in, and I still need a few willing to man a calculator for the drinks at their table. (see prev. post). Volunteers?

I'll check back in later...
I feel like I should volunteer since I started the "Grumble Dinner" a few years ago, and you have managed it the last two.

I don't drink, and will probably only have ice water at dinner, so I won't even have a tab for drinks. I am not good at math, and might forget to bring a calculator. But, I will be sober! So I am willing to try.
Super, Pam! I intend to bring a couple of extra calculators in case I have to "recruit"!

Thanks for stepping up to the task.

Whew! I'm looking forward to the evening of good food and good company.
When you register at the convention hall, make sure you ask for your "Grumbler ribbons". They have special ribbons that stick on to your name tag.
Great Job Barb!

This has got to go down as the most fun, dinner of any Grumbler / PPFA Hitchhicker gathering ever.

Thanks for the Champaign LifeSaver - That was also a very generous gift to the group that made the evening special.

40+ folks - Wonderful food! - a great response - I'll be back next year for sure.


(Come on Mike - Where are those pictures?)
Hi Mike,

14 is Rocky Smith, known as "Rock" here on the Grumble. 15 is the wife Judy. Thanks for the pictures. It helps me know who is who. Hopefully next time I will know more people and get to visit more. We enjoyed ourselves and the food was great. So was everyone at our table.