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What could be applied to the rubber roller in a Scotch gun to prevent the adhesive from sticking to it in an ATG gun?
Lance, interesting idea, have you tried talc? Ormond, that's funny because I've never had one stick... of course I usually wear them out first.

Did you know that the guns are not rated for lay rates over 2.7395 feet/second? Maybe you're over reving the rollers and need to upgrade to a "high-speed" roller... neoprene or nylon or something? :eek:
I'll just stick that little node of info in my "hope I never, but just might come in handy to know" box.

Gee Lance, I know you're on the North Island... but have you maybe tried Shist powder? I would think being in the "soapstone" family, it might even be slipperier... :D
It's normal when you come to the shop in the morning and have ATG stuck to the rubber (or some other unidentified polymer) roll. It's especially true during the hot weather when you turn your AC off for the night. It should not happen on a regular bases if the roll has been cleaned.

Take dirt and grime off the roll with the water wet swab or a weak solution of the alcohol. Gray Goose from your freezer diluted in half is O.K. Or, better, use mild glycerin soap from the nearest health store or from the Internet. Then dry the roll.

The morning cleaning would help the roll to work properly at least till the end of the day if it is not cracked or completely dry-out.

Don't use any solvents for cleaning the roll. It will deteriorate the rubber. There are some special detergents containing silicone or glycerin for cleaning rubber parts, if you want to spend the money. Those detergents clean rubber and also soak below the rubber surface to renew the plasticized layer. But, the cost of the detergent may be comparable with the cost of a new ATG gun.

If the cleaning is of no help and the problem persists, its time to replace the roll or order a new gun.

Boris Muchnik
Originally posted by Baer Charlton:
Did you know that the guns are not rated for lay rates over 2.7395 feet/second? Maybe you're over reving the rollers and need to upgrade to a "high-speed" roller... neoprene or nylon or something? :eek:
Mmmm.....there hasn't been any smoke emission when I lay ATG, so I don't think I have been exceeding the speed limit. I will watch closely in the future and perhaps buy a stopwatch and hire someone as a timer to ensure that I keep under the limit!
Thanks for the warning!

PS. Talc is working fine for the moment.
I just thought that there might have been some space-age, technical, industrial, specialized, automated, streamlined, nuclear, computerised lubricant, tried and tested by NASA, that I hadn't heard of.
Since there doesn't seem to be...... I will continue to obey Lance!
Thanks Lance!

I checked NASA's website and none of their rated lubricants are authorized for ATG use!! ;)

Mine did the same thing so I threw them in a drawer and apply my ATG by hand. Now all I have to watch out for is that huge coil of liner paper hanging off my workbench!

(This actually happened, I got a paper cut on the soft part of my toe from that coil while working at the table in my bare feet!!)

Talc sounds good to me. If it works, do it.

anyone try anything like CRC silicone spray lub??? I have a gun that has the cover falling off & will try it and see
One of the reasons I switched from a gypsy brand ATG to Scotch was because I was told that one could replace parts like those rollers. I haven’t had to do it yet, though, so I cannot verify the claim. You might want to give 3M a try.

I would be a little reluctant to try either talc or silicone spay because I have a gut feeling that they would reduce the friction between the roller and the tape so that it would slip. But I haven’t tried that, either, so what do I know?
Originally posted by Bill Henry-:
You might want to give 3M a try.

I use This gun from 3M, it has a spacer so you can use narrower tapes and I use an 'acid free' tape that we sell to scrapbookers/card makers, that, because it is bought for re-sale I get cheaper than the (wider) acidic stuff.

It sticks on the rollers sometimes, but not often enough for it to raise blood pressure.
Men! Always gotta complicate things!

<font color=red>UNSEAL</font color=red> (or Unstick or Undo, or whatever they're calling it these days) gets the buildup off. That's what makes them stickier than acceptable.

Take the pieces apart, soak for a few minutes, re-assemble. Piece o' cake. Then it's smooth as silk for another 10,000 miles.

I'm still using one of my original ATG guns from my first shop in the early 80's for the super-duper 969 ATG. Needs a tune-up now and then, no biggy. Tho I have to admit, the extended roller on the "newer model" (yellow one) is easier on my neck! John, We have the one you it!

Framerguy, sorry about your toe, but going barefoot in the frameshop?? Tsk-tsk-tsk.
Originally posted by Jim Miller:
ATG is supposed to stick two surfaces together, right? Wouldn't any sort of lubricant or powder residue affect the ATG's adhesion on one side?
Maybe on the first round, after that I think you would need a very extreme amount of pedanticness.
Quote from Val:

Framerguy, sorry about your toe, but going barefoot in the frameshop?? Tsk-tsk-tsk.

That's just the way it is here in Paradise, we go barefoot in the shop and wear shoes on the beach! I had my foot lacerated once by a shell and have worn river shoes in the surf ever since.

(Just between you and me, when it comes to glass or other risky stuff I have a pair of shoes nearby.) :cool:

No, no, no it's "pedanticnecissitudityfulness"
Is it my imagigimation, or are Grumblers even punchier than usual?

Even a perfectly reasonable, serious discussion about the avocado green carpeting in Esther's kennel quickly got just, plain silly.

Osgood, I just wait 'til the ATG snot-balls on the roller get to be intolerable. Then I remove them with an ATG booger-remover, which I get from United.

They may be called something else in your part of the world.
Sometimes we just can't help ourselves and be a bit silly, but I suppose it's better than being critical or nasty, or even insulting each other.

I have no trouble pulling snot-balls off the roller. I have had lots of experience with snot-balls so it's no problem to deal with them. I have even been known to stick an ATG snot-ball on my nose while someone wasn't looking, then face them and wait for a reaction. There are many different reactions. Try it sometime with a good customer or two and see what happens!
I got a call from the school principal once, when my daughter was little. Seems she was sneaking in the shop when I wasn't looking and making her own snot-balls and wearing them to school! I had to hide the ATG for awhile after that!

Sorry, Os, it wasn't an original idea...framers have been doing that for years..and their kids too!
Yeah, I know Val, I first tried it in 1985 when I first started framing. I was very successful in making people cringe!
Once a year we take an old pimento jar and fill it with Unseal and take the ATG guns apart and whatever has sticky stuff on it (not the rubber wheel) gets thrown in to the jar for the weekend. Tuesday morning take everything out, wash it off and reassemble the gun and works like new. Once about every four to five years I order new parts (washers) from 3M in Minnesota.

Gross out on the booger thingy!!!!!!
Baer I think you mean Cliffhanger...matter of fact I got to get one now. I got that little twinge, then again it might be a really long hair?!


if it wasnt for bad taste, i would have none at all
Originally posted by osgood:
Sometimes we just can't help ourselves and be a bit silly, but I suppose it's better than being critical or nasty, or even insulting each other.

Great observation, Ormond! It's quite pleasant to play around sometimes when that first post of critical, nasty, or insulting words never materialize. That FIRST insulting post is the worst of all.

Personally, I'm happy to see that's not happening anymore. I sincerely hope that we all can keep that focus.

This is a very bad influence on me - how am I now supposed to resist making an ATG 'snotball' - sticking it under my nose and then, when I know Karen (our extrememely gullible manageres) is watching, nonchantly roll twixt finger and thumb for a bit and then pop it into my mouth.
I tried silicone lubricant, but found that it didn't prevent the tape from sticking!
Glycerin Soup? does it have vegetables in it as well?

Are you shouting out of ignorance or rudeness?
As opposed to non-glycerine soap? Doesn't all soap have glycerine in it? And, how do you use it to un-stick the boogers? Oh! Soup! Didn't catch that...Ewwww!

Bork, please explain...without shouting please?