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Pat Murphey

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Nov 16, 2002
Lafayette, NJ
Does anyone know of a wholesale supplier of Arts & Crafts frames? I'm looking for Adirondack or similar rustic designs with extended corners. Google turned up Holton Studio in the Bay area, which appears to be a retail operation - I'll call to see if they give a break to the trade. I would like to find someone on the East Coast to minimize shipping.

Pat :D
Pat, by "Adirondack", what exactly are you meaning?

There are many Arts & Crafts styles of frame. Holton does Stickley and Green & Green. As do I.

Holton Studios is wholesale... if it was the pricing that made you think it was retail.

As in regular framing... labor is the cost driver ALWAYS.

And as there is no labor saving compo vs hand carved or metal vs 22K gold leaf to cut the cost on A&C frames... you're going to pay.

Anytime you're talking less than $35/ft quarter sawn white oak with through tenons wholesale, I'd check the "through" part of the tenons.

I just noticed the "rustic", are you talking about "twig art frames"?

this is a clock version.
Wally Fay has a sorce for frames out of Anarcey, OR.... :D But he won't share.

Google found this on too:
I haven’t used them for a while, but i used to get "cross-bar" frames from Crossroads Distributors in Jackson, Mississippi. They don’t seem to have a web site that I can find, but their number is (or used to be) 800-237-7488.
Pat, you are right... Holton DOES sell to the public... and the price is the price.. just like many other hand made frame companies that I have run across..

Now as to a Lap joint with peg.....

If that is what they want..

Personally I always saw the lap joint as a lazy-mans through tenon.


but then, that is just MHO.

Either way, the cost of shipping is going to be the lesser of your concerns.
I can make you three inch wide or less, wooden doweled lap joint frames in 1/4 sawn white oak or any wood you like. Three inch wide white oak with double pegs is forty dollars wholesale per foot, plus shipping. Has a walnut finish with clear lacquer.I can also give you a source back east, you will have to wait until Monday when I am back at work.

Tadporter posted some pictures of my frames about a year ago after he visited my shop. I do not have a clue as to how you go about posting pictures on The Grumble. I have seen instructions, don't have the time nor the inclination to figure it out. I will post that other source on Monday.

Thanks all so far. Baer, my customer has a very specific goal of matching style of frame to ones she's seen used by a particular artist. Not my choice - I just mean to serve.

Pat :D

You may find some East Coaster, but what good if he hasn't got the same eyes, hands and brains like the other guy? You are a higher end framer and the real thing, the right look are paramount to you, especially since your costumer knows exactly what he wants. Ok, you may also get lucky and find a better frame maker around your place. But if that name did not surface within the last 5 days, how many more are you willing to wait and postpone making a sure buck? The shortest road is always that that you know. The extra time spent with searching for a possible East Coast source is worth more than what you hope to save in UPS charges; you'll be surprised how expensive UPS-ing "next door" really is.
East Coast: Period Frames 1-877-684-2068 not sure if they have a website.

These are nice quality, and are what I classify as arts/crafts, mission; several profiles, several colors. Quartersawn oak, finish is extraordinary; prices are reasonable. They are in West Falls, NY - not sure exactly where this is.

My rep is Brian Farranto, you can tell them that I referred you, they may send Brian to visit.



They don't have a website as yet. Just talked to them. Located in Buffalo, NY. I was going to order a catalog of theirs in your behalf but for some strange reason I couldn't retrieve your address from this laptop ...and save you a call
OK, here is the source I promised.

Kellar & Klein
116 Shurs Lane
Philadelphia, PA 19127
800-776-0240 fax 215-483-0665

Cell 267-259-5796

They offer a excellent line of Craftsman wholesale frames and mirrors. They do charge for a corner sample set. well worth it though.

Jerry, I would have to snail mail them to you, don't know how to e-mail photographs. I appreciate the offer.

I just tried to call their number, no answer. I called the cell number and left a message. I hope they are still in business.

The owner returned my call a few minutes after I made my post. I believe his name was Howard. Anyway, super nice guy on the phone. I told him about The Grumble, so hopefully he will be coming on board. He is not a picture framing shop, his is a woodworking shop. He said he did not know how to even cut glass and to forget mats. His point was, he is wholesale only, to the trade, no retail. Check out his website and think about getting a set of his samples.

Thanks all. Customer hasn't yet brought in the art - was asking if I could find the correct frames.

Pat :D
Your post came just in time and added a name to the entire picture.
Anyway, welcome on board. I like your frames as much as Holton's and I hope that your company is exactly what Pat Murphey was looking for.
Welcome to The Grumble Harold, sorry I screwed up your name, don't pay attention as much as I guess I should.

How much is set of your arts & crafts samples selling for now?


Hope that you told Harold that most vocal of grumblers used to have enough free samples (from suppliers competing for a place on their wall)and reject spending on samples.
However, lately their resistance became less and less vocal, which can't have more than two possible explanations.
Cornel - I have noticed the same trend...

That's a sure sign of normality (of getting real). Too bad it comes associated with tougher times only.
On the other hand one must recognize that years of discussing, learning and arguing have forged a grumblers' community that's much more sophisticated today than it ever was before. I know, it's hard to precisely measure it, and my words may be dismissed as wishful thinking, but I'd say that I also noticed a trend for better understanding and appreciation of higher end frames and framing than before. Some of the most adamantly opposed to paying for their samples have since taken up higher end lines (including closed corner hand gilded frames) which come with a cost. They got the F.A.C.T.S., pun intended.
Most shops now have a glut of length moulding type corner samples. We all pretty much have the same thing. We also understand that to be competitive, we must try to offer what the other fellow doesn't. In my shop we make some of our own unique frames, we also are willing to purchase the unusual from outside vendors.

Several years ago, I would not even consider spending money on corners samples, times have changed. Don't get me wrong, this is not a solicitation for every closed corner supplier to contact me about their wonderful products. I continue to be reluctant to spend money I don't have to spend.

My old shop in San Francisco was a WHOLESALER of Holton Studio Framemakers. That being said he does retail to the public and only discounts 20pct to the trade. I can vouch for the outstanding quality of every aspect of his work. Tim is the owner of the shop. He lives for his work and it shows. I would buy from him before I bought a Craftsman Style frame from anyone else, regardless of price.

If you talk to Tim, tell him Brian from Prints, etc. says "HI!". That won't get you a better price or anything but I haven't talked to him in a while LOL.
Originally posted by brian..k:
I would buy from him before I bought a Craftsman Style frame from anyone else, regardless of price.
You know, Brian, most frame manufacturers would never dream of being given such a testimonial. Not even if asked from their best buddies. Tim must be not only very good but also very lucky to have you speak so highly of his product.