Artist seeking representation


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Feb 7, 2001
I have been representing a fairly new artist for about 18 months and his work has sold better than any other art in 10 years. He would like to branch out and I want to give him a hand. Not only is he talented and a good seller, he has a great attitude and is easy to work with. His name is Randy Loubier. His medium is oil on canvas with a palette knife. Some paintings are on my website, but you can see a more complete collection at pink tomatoes homepage. We have sold at least 22 paintings in 18 months! Randy is looking for galleries in Massachusetts and Connecticut. A gallery in Wisconsin just picked him up and he is represented by another gallery in NH besides mine. Any other inquiries are welcome. Thanks for your input and consideration!
Some nice work. I really wish artist would leave out the bit about having no formal training. Just what does that mean? They do not have a degree. Obviously most of them had something even it was just exposer to great art. Just a small grumble.