Artist referrals


El Framo

We tend to give all artists showing in our gallery a nice discount on framing. My question is, when an artist brings a client in to have a piece framed, should the artist get the usual discount? Thanks in advance.
We also discount for artists to help them sell.
We will not discount for customers they bring in.
I tell them if they want the discount they have to come in without the customer, frame it and sell it as a finished piece. After I explain it to them once I never a problem again.
That is something you should have worked out with the artist before they came in with a referral. I guess the question would then be, if you gave the artist a discount, would you get your commission for the sale of the art?

The artist has sold a piece of art to their client outside of your gallery, so you don't get the commission for selling the art (assumption). I would think that a new client brought to you by an artist is then your client for framing.

The way to avoid this is to have a clause in your contract with the artist that offers them the discount only on pieces that are subsequently displayed for sale in your gallery.
We also offer a discount for artists. If the artist is paying for the framing, he gets his discount. If the client is paying for the framing, no discount.

What kind of discount do you offer the artists? Is it the same for an artist who has you do all their framing as well as the artist who only occasionally gets something framed?
We offer 30% to our artists. This mostly applies to pieces for display in our gallery. If they were framing alot of pieces for a big show, we would probably extend the same offer to them.