Artist Choice UV Glass


Grumbler in Training
Mar 11, 2004
Has anyone used the Artist Choice UV Blocking Glass with the blue film? What do you think?I have just ordered a few boxes and was wondering if it is all that they say it is?
I tried a couple of boxes. I found the wheel needed more pressure to score and sometimes I need to run it twice. If you don't, it snaps badly, because it doesn't score through the blue plastic. The blue film does cause some static when peeled. Not as bad as plexi, but much worse than paper packed.

Although it does not have the "orange peel" effect (caused by the spray application of the UV) that the TV CC has, it seems to have a "rainbow effect" (which I understand is caused by a slightly uneven application of the spray technique. I wasn't thrilled with the "Artist's Choice," but kept some around for when I wanted 2mm instead of the TV 2.5mm.

I have ordered a box of the new Denglas UV clear product. This is 2mm and is "dipped" to achieve the UV coating. The dipping is supposed to not produce either "orange peel" or "rainbow." We'll see.
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The Artist Choice Glass sound a lot like the Guardian Glass product that is marketed under different names, like Crescent.
You might want to check out some of the archives on this subject. Check out "UV glass", "Crescent Glass" or "Guardian Glass" in the search function. If it is in fact the same product, you will get many and varies opinions about it.