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Jul 30, 2000
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I've been one of the few touting Artisan Storefront by CerTek Software on the forum for a year now and thought some of you would like to know that their Window's version is now being beta tested.....and now is known as Artisan Frame Plus.

Plus, it might be a good time to pass on an annual review for anyone interested!

I have had no problems using the older version with ME - but like many was eager for a Window's version.

I've had my sales/design desk on the program for a year now and completely agree that it has been an asset to my company. It may not be as slick or as hot looking as some of the others out there, but the support has been A+++, they have easily added improvements I wanted (always more to come!!) and it is amazing how much can be customized. I believe this program has a lot more to offer than may appear initially.

Learning some keystroke commands in addition to full use of mouse (and now, some Window's drop down menu's too) makes it really fast to "write up" an order.

Their "stock" printed orderform is downright ugly. No problem -- re-arranged & designed to my liking. Also, one could pre-print forms where it prints in the blanks. Should be changes here to pursue now that it is Windows.

I mostly utilize the program as a pricer and to print the custom framing orders as well as keep my data base of customers. We just adapted the new "typed" 3 part order form to replace our earlier system. I also added a receipt printer but opted to keep our existing Credit Card machine.

It is, however, a full Point of Sale program. I believe the company is doing well Marketing their POS only program and has in good working order things like gift certificates, consignment sales record keeping, inventory of sales items. They also supply full Lieberman's catalog---and I think Wizzard template codes.

As in many programs, there are many features I have not used.

As to Point of Sale -- I just know it is a piece of cake to collect money for a custom order and also add a list minute "off the shelf" purchase to the register....and, I can even create the price of the last minute purchase on the spot----that means I can sell things without having a list of code numbers or names. (I also think you can set it up so everyone can't do this, for security purposes.)

I can also export my customer data base to Excel and do with it what I want in addition to their preset ideas.

A portion of my sales are not COD--and it handles accounts payable well, doing statements as needed.

Their catalog updates (new stuff & price changes) disk comes out about quarterly. It has been so nice to have nearly all of my distributor's items in their catalog as well as knowing I'm up to date on my prices and selection. (Usually, if discontinued -- it pops up "discontinued -- do you still want to use" instead of just disappearing. It is so great to get new samples and WOW -- it's already in the computer. (Some of the manufacturers are really good at providing the info for this.)

As I mentioned in other threads -- I chose this program because I found it the easiest to adapt to the way I'd been doing business. The freedom to change prices in different ways, add in odd items as I wish. sell 20 of the same design on one order goes on. (It even does a pretty good job of pricing fabric wrap mats, wrapped liners (either strip wrap OR full wrap)and fillets on mats or on frames.

AND, NO -- I don't work for the software company. And YES, there are still things on my list of improvements to come....and some that may never occur!

Oh my gosh -- someone read this far down!

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You gave alot of very fine points about this program except the one that anyone who needs a computer program for their business would be asking about first - the price! And do they have an annual maintainence charge for updates on products or program updates?


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Here is the address

The full program is currently 849; lite is 300

100 for catalog updates per year.

300 Annual Maintenance fee -- (full support, upgrades as they come out & that kind of thing) Of course, could be bought per use which is a good alternative after the first year. The first 30 or 60 days are free support while one is setting up....