Art Turned Bluish-Grey


Grumbler in Training
Apr 13, 2004
El Paso, TX
I had a customer bring in 3 pieces of charcoal art of her kids that was done on brown, very thin paper (you could almost see through it). She claimed the artist had sprayed some type of fixative on it. During the framing process I had placed some of the (acid free C1608 and C1563) cut mats on top of the art. The next day when the customer picked them up she noticed bluish-grey lines across the artwork that was the width of the mats cut. Light is not an issue and they were framed in UV-NG. Ok, what happened? This is the first time I have seen this one. Did the mats react with something? She did not want me to open one up to check if it was happening where the mats covered the art.

Thank you,
Probably something in the paper(like roller lines) that only showed up against a light backing board. You might try a dark backing board if she brings them back in.