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CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Aug 30, 2001
Knoxville TN
Just posted this on HHers, and decided I'd get y'all's input.

Am thinking about ordering the Art Information CD again. We had it under the old owners and didn't like it; but, since we own a Wizard and get mailing on this service, we thought we'd try it again.

Those of uyou who use this service, how do you like it? I've been talking wtih Wizard about it, but thought I'd canvas the grumblers to see if anyone has any reservations bfore I plunk down the $200 per year for the service.

And since we are exclusive agents for several limited edition lines, I thought I'd only get the poster version so Iwouldn't dilute my limited edition sales.

Michael LeCompte CPF

I've used Virtual Gallery from Wizard for about 1 1/2-2 years along with their Integrated Framer. They weren't Wizard products when I started using them, but the transition has been a smooth one.

The software has been at times somewhat buggy, but the bugs are addressed quickly with on-line support and frequent updates in the form of a new DVD, which also contains updated print references.

As a substitute for a good set of catalogs, it is somewhat lacking since it is not really very comprehensive. It is a useful reference, however, to suppliment other sources. It is especially nice if you can set it up for customer access or viewing. It is designed to be used this way, while still protecting vital set-up info. Some shops run it on an extra computer in screen-saver mode where it cycles through the available images.

It is quite easy to search by artist - somewhat trickier by subject, but easier with practice.

I know this doesn't sound like much of an endorsement, but I've been paying $75/month for the combination I use and am satisfied that it is worth the cost.

The Integrated Framer software is great fun, especially if you use L-J, Nurre or the other lines that are well-represented in this software. The DIVA is learning the basics of frame design by playing with this program, though that isn't why I got it.

BTW, you need a DVD reader on the computer to use this - a CD reader will not work. But you knew that already.

If you have specific questions I haven't answered, please email me.