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Art Guard Non Glare Glass


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Dec 1, 2004
New Westminster, B.C. Canada
OK, so this shows how much I really don't know but (deep breath) here it is:

Is there a right side out? I recently did a frame with this glass and the customer was very happy. I thought the glass still showed some glare. A few days later it occured to me that maybe there is a right side out?
If there is, for my future knowledge, how do you tell?
I am not familiar with the "Art Guard" brand, but traditional acid edged non-glare has a "good side."

Easiest thing is look at both sides with a light clearly reflecting, and you'll see the difference.
If the glass is etched on both sides, it doesn't matter which side is "up".

If it is only etched on one side, that etched side should be "up" facing the viewer i.e. the smooth, shiny side should be facing the art.
I'll never forget the first customer who brought back a finished frame in which I had installed the non-glare glass upside down. I had been in business about two months and had not a clue.

It was embarrassing, but easily fixed. Experience is a good teacher, but sometimes an expensive one.