Art Explorer 2.2 Questions


Grumbler in Training
Jul 22, 2005
I was wondering if anybody out there has used the Lieberman's Art Explorer computer program as a sales tool in their shop? I was envisioning a comfortable desk and nice flat screen monitor to take the place of stacks of catalogs for a customer to look through. Pre-emptive thank you for any reply.
We have it set up on a laptop that sits on a pub type table, in the back corner of the gallery. The paper catalogs are lined up behind the machine.

Most folks prefer the powerful searching capabilities of the computer, but the books are good too.

Between use, it has a screen saver that cycles through several examples of what can be done/found with the Liebermans database. We've customized the included screen saver with promotional items about our shop, to attract folks to the table.
Ours is setup on a computer next to the storefront window with its own desk and chair. After hours, we turn the monitor to face the window with the screen saver that has several customized slides regarding our store. Our print sales have increased quite a bit since implementing AE.

Save yourself some headache and don't install it on an older Win98 computer. There are a few problems that you don't really want to experience.