Art Caskets


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Mar 2, 2003
Well I've seen it all now.</p>
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Thanks to jec Member #4101
Way to go! Literally!!!

Seriously, what a great job for an artist. I have always liked those African hand-carved caskets that look like trucks or guitars or fish or whatever.

Someone could make gigantic shadowboxes for framers. Talk about preservation!
I been to 3 worlds fairs and a goat hanging and I never seen anything like that !!! Way cool - but they forgot football, baseball, and beer drinkin'
I'm suprised that our old freind TK hasen't rolled out a line of his own. I guess the idea must have gotten buried!
Too funny!!!

Last weekend my hubby and I went over to an antique store not far from here. Fairly close to the front door they had an antique coffin set up. Now, my question is, "Is it used?" and "Do you know if it is haunted?" :D
In many other countries it is customary to many a coffin to do with the persons life. I think it was in an African exhibit that I saw airplanes, boats, cars, and many other different types of coffins. It is strange, but it is neat too.
I first saw an angel casket when a friend of mine lost her child. It really was nice. Have not seen one before or since.
I wonder what the delivery time is for one of these puppies --- and whether families hold off the funeral until it arrives ---- "We're waiting for the special laquer job on Aunt Millies casket to dry and aren't sure if the trucking company will have it here next week or the week after, but her funeral may be in a couple of weeks or so....."