Art and Handmade papers


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
May 27, 2003
Watertown, SD
I am thinking of adding a line of speciality art papers to my store. Does anyone have a good source? I have been looking on the net but there are literally thousands of sites and not a lot of information on most of them.
FlaxArt has a nice selection of papers:

Their line is much nicer than anything carried by the stores who stock supplies for making scrapbooks.*


*You know that and I know that but are you sure your customers will be able to tell the difference?
We get some good ones from Black Ink. If you can't find them in a websearch, call me at the store on Tuesday 800-899-5410
I wasn't talking about you, Ellen.

I was trying to refer to Michael's without naming them.

Hey, great papers are great papers. Nothin' wrong with snagging good stuff from other businesses. If I could get cool stuff to put in a customer's frame at WalMart I would (if I ever went in there, which I don't). Don't limit yourself to suppliers in our profession. Look to NAMTA (National Art Materials Trade Assn) for good sources in art supplies.
Ellen's right about Black Ink...wonderful quality specialty papers and great folks. Carried them for many years.

Dave Makielski
Thanks for the advice. I will try all of the above and see what turns up. I am trying to find something that will enhance my framing business. GIFTS ARE NOT IT... I find giftware in every store on main street and we have a Target, Shopko, 2 Dollar Stores and a Super WalMart in a town of 20,000.