Are you a Michaels' employee or ex-employee?



I'm looking to interview current and past employees of Michaels Stores, Inc. for a project I am working on.

Please call me toll-free at 1-888-840-9605.

Thank you,

Paul Cascio
The American Picture Framing Academy, LLC
Project? What project? Is this a trick? I read recently that Michael's monitors this site....hmmm, and if you are a current Michael's employee, you will probably not have a minute to make this call for several weeks. I know this. More later...pant,pant,pant...
Hey Paul, I know a former employee of Michaels, I will gladly give him your number. He actually worked in the Frame Shop there. Remember me from your class in Maryland last year?
I was a frame dept manager for Michaels until 2003. I'm no longer there, so I dont care if they're monitoring. I'll call, but I must say I'm also curious. What kind of project is this and why the secrecy?
Ellen, I think its another Walmart thread in the works. Didn't Jerry say something in that thread about a super secret framers handshake or something? We should at least be previ to these types of things.
Hi Dave,

Yes, I do remember you. I hope you enjoyed the class and things are going well for you.

Please have your friend contact me.
Sorry I can't provide more details at this time.

Paul Cascio
a super secret framers handshake or something? We should at least be previ to these types of things.
You mean you don't know it? Hey, everyone, Jay doesn't know the handshake. Wasn't someone supposed to tell him? Don't worry, Jay, it isn't that complex. You CAN play the piano, can't you? It's somewhat easier than Rachmaninoff... I'll show you next time we meet....
Hi Paul,
I made the call but got your voice mail. When is the best time to catch the real you? What time zone are you in? Curious, curious.
To everyone else... How long as a Grumbler before I get to know the Framer's Secret Handshake?? I've been a framer for a long time, does that qualify?
more than 4 posts :D

Check Jay's 1660 posts and he still doesn't know...
I must sincerely apologize for my child like playfulness in your thread Paul. If my antics get in the way of your study please feel free to have an admin remove my posts. At the very least we are helping to keep your message to the top!

Ellen, why didn’t you just tell me to get the book. I’ll tell you one thing, this woman flat knows this business inside and out!!!!!


Kit was asked for a quote for the book but her responce was much longer than the book. Here is an excerpt from her opinion "It looks wrong if you take "seeming" to be a verb. But it's an adjective here. The base clause is, "without restriction," which sounds fine. "Seeming" modifies "restriction." If you use the more common synonym "apparent" for "seeming," you can see more clearly how to parse the sentence: "without apparent restriction..."

It gets a bit technical after that.
No offense taken Jay. I'm enjoying the humor and you are indeed keeping my thread at the top of the charts.
So what was the result of this project? I was curious after reading about it here. Is it finally concluded and able to be made known?

Dave, maybe Paul is the certifying entity behind Micheal's CPF! :)

Paul was it a book, or an article? when is the article coming out? Is it an expose or it is about completing certifications? Looking forward to reading it!
I feel left out! As a former Joann's FS Manager - Can't I play too? Why does Michaels get all the fun???????????/
Jay, Jay, Jay...remember: The devil is in the details!! The clever and devious Ellen has sidetracked you and now you've done all that research.... Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! Ok, in spite of the penalty for revealing the Secrets of Framery, which is having my brand new '76 GMC pickup disappear in the dark of night, I will explain the Framers Secret Handshake. Only because you're a fellow guitar player...

The whole purpose in calling it a handshake is to confuse eavesdroppers and cravens who wish to join the Society without first having been initiated. It's not really a handshake, and, unless you know what it is and how to execute it properly, you'll never see a group of Framers greeting each other using this sign of recognition.

Framers greet each other informally with any old handshake. Some will appear to make it LOOK like it's secret, but that's to perpetuate the myth. The proper, internationally recognized Framery Greeting is to stand on your head and fa*t the song, "You Light Up My Life". I tell you this only because I like you and admire your quest for knowledge. Any knowledge. Whether it be contemporary or arcane. Good luck practicing.

As 'fuel' for this exercise, I suggest you eat a sumptuous meal of boiled eggs, black-eyed peas, sweet potatoes and collard greens. That should start you on the right path!

Sorry, Paul...was too good to pass up...
Wow Charles, and it took you almost a year to come up with that???:faintthud:

My man, you have been out of the loop too long, the "greeting" has been environmentally unacceptable for quite some time now.

House rule 471B-6 specifically states that "any flatulatory greeting given in a public venue, be it open or of a secretive nature, should be within the guidelines of Environmental Protection Agency pamphlet # 2004-FG and include a minimum of pre-emergence scrubber, inline catalytic converter, an acceptable type of post emergence filter to ensure that no particulate matter be exited into the atmosphere, and a properly displayed placard denoting compliance with said restrictions."

That pretty well ended the traditional greeting as we all knew it back in the old days. This wasn't publically announced and I can see where you may have overlooked the email that was sent regarding this matter.

I hope you aren't too disappointed by this unfortunate turn of events as I know how "in tune" you were with your greeting and that certain way that you had for harmonizing with other Grumblers at parties.

Yeah, these rules are gonna get us all eventually.

Framerguy!! and I was getting excited thinking about how I had home baked beans for supper tonight.... and then Framerguy went and burst my bubble..........

Now I'll never be a member...................