Are there GRUMBLERS in Canada?


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
May 27, 2005
Whistler, BC
Sort of considering a move to Vancouver and wondering if there's a website hosting friendly forums like this one...Are there Canadian Grumblers too? :confused:
There is no specific Canadian site, but lots of Canadians monitor and post to this group. Plus there are lots in Vancouver who follow this group. If you want to know any specific info on Vancouver or the region, or the framing situation in Canada contact me off line.

Phoneguycanuck (spelling) is the first that comes to mind. There are others that I can't think of now but am sure they will post soon.

Being that this is the internet you will have access to this website around the world. (No sarcasm intended).
There are lots of Canadian Grumblers. Sometimes we take them for granted because they seem almost like us and speak a form of English much more familiar to me than, say, someone from North Carolina might.

If I start listing names, I'll forget somebody important.
Thanks Dermot! That was helpful. I actually rushed it all up and forgot that I can access this forum from anywhere in the world but Im sort of interested( well, for now..) in an exclusively canadian forum for certain reasons.
I'm from Canada also. I don't know of any exclusive canadian sites for framers, butit wouldn't be hard to get one going if that was what you wanted to do.
There is a fair complement of filipino's / filipina's here. We just went to an Italian / Filipina wedding. Hopefully the baby (ies) take after the mother!

Me too eh!!