Are There Any Framers in New York ????

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CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Aug 23, 2005

It is Sam here. Finally arrived in the US.

I was wondering if there were any friendly framers in New York or surrounding areas that were interested in saying hello to an Aussie Framer?

See ya lata if I hear from ya !
Regards from a fellow framer.

My shop is located in Skaneateles, NY which is referred to as Upstate NY - about 6 hours from New York City, 30 minutes from Syracuse, NY (closest city). Feel free to stop in if you are near my area

Sam - my shop is in Buffalo in the Niagara Frontier area (about 20 miles from the mighty cataract of Niagara Falls) - wouldn't want to miss the Falls, would you?

Send me an email if you get into the Western New York area! Small shop - very low-tech - but I have been framing for almost (ulp!) 40 years!!!
Sam- Come to Saratoga...we have our power back. Just go straight north I'm right off I87 about 30 miles north of Albany. Then you can swing west to see Elaine, and the further west to see Framar. Don't forget Roz!
Actually why don't we all meet at Elaines the Finger Lakes are beautiful! I could use a vacation.

Hey Guys - Let's do a summer meeting and enjoy the sun and the lake and oodles of wine from the Fingerlakes.

Its cold here right now, and no one is coming out!

Remind me when it gets closer to warm weather, and we'll plan something
As an ex-Finger Lakes resident (for about 30 years ...), I make that trip all the time from the Harrisburg PA area ... especially during the Miata Owners' events at The Glen .... if you'll have me, I'd be glad to join in.

(ahhhh, fond memories of the proverbial Booze Cruise .... pick a lake, a hunk of great cheese and a good sourdough, ... wait for a sunny weekend, and have at it ...)
Do you think Sam chose to stay in quiet ambience of NYC and skipped the excitement of upstate. I can't imagine!
Then you haven't been to "World Famous Mo's" in Skaneateles.

No splainin it, you have to see it to believe it

Who wants to organize??

I'm pretty booked for time right now, but I could suggest Skaneateles as the middle ground for all to meet - halfway between Saratoga and Rochester area, about 4 1/2 hours from parts of Massachusetts, not sure about CT, 5-6 hours from parts of lower NY and in the Middle of the Fingerlakes. Skaneateles has more to do in the Village than the other Lakes villages. You would have to book early for that time of year.

Visit for available Inn's and B&B's. The winery's are only about 30-40 minutes away. The Wine Trails start at Cayuga Lake, move to Seneca Lake, then to the rest. Cayuga & Seneca partially doable in a day.

That's the end of my organization!! Who wants to go from there??


That's one really nice town you live in! Very quaint looking and picturesque too.

And there are a couple of very nice inns in the area. We must decide on a the date soon so I can book.

How far is Syracuse, by the way? I might fly and then rent a car instead of the 6 hour drive.
Martha's Vineyard MA. Island off the coast of Cape Cod About 3 hours from NYC to New Bedford MA.(RT I-95 to Rt 195)catch the fast ferry (boat) from New Bedford to Martha's Vineyard Island.Come on up we got room for a washashore.
Call 508-693-3948

Syracuse airport is 30 minutes from Skaneateles, pretty direct route, traffic not bad, - not even close to what most of you would be used to. I think Jetblue flies out of SYR, but not sure (don't fly much, husband hates it!)

Any takers on the Organization ????? I just can't take any more on right now.