archival mounting of 80 x 110 poster

Mike LeCompte CPF

MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Jul 20, 2005
Knoxville TN
Need a 1930s advertising poster mounted on Japanese paper and linen backing. Anyone have sources? Most of whom I've called cannot do it in this large size.

Help would be appreciated

I realize that this is quite far, but we use a company here in Hollywood called Big + Dark. They do large format mounting on a variety of substrates.

You might give them a call. If they can't do it, maybe they can refer you elsewhere.

Their number is 323-663-2203.

Good Luck,
Since the poster has backing layers, one can
attach hinging materials to the linen, without
touching the poster. Strips of Japanese tissue
can be pasted to the edges of the lined poster
and those can be used to secure it to a backing
panel. Such a panel can be a combination of archival corrugated board and conservation quality
board, on the outside. The size you need will mean that the panel a number of sheets of these
materials and the expense will be high. The hinges
can be pulled to the back side of the panel and
attached with linen tape, there. The product will
be of preservation quality, but framing it will
be a greater challenge and extremely expensive.

If the linen is larger than the poster, you can use it to mount the piece as if it were a needlework.

How well this works depends upon how smoothly the linen backing was put on in the first place, but I have had good results doing this.
Just learned it's a four-panel advertising sheet from the 1930s. I SUPPOSE that means it's in four pieces?? Dunno, haven't seen it yet. Should be fun. And Hugh, I suggested doing it ourselves but he definitely wants it mounted to linen, something I'm not prepared to do.
received pricing from a couple places: looking betweeen 500 and 700 for total job, including of course my profit. Customer sez that's whathe figured so we'll see.

Now gotta figure out what frame to use. Thinking of Roma Pallio line--chunky and old european kinda look.