Arch/Cathedral frame builders??


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Jan 28, 2005
Have a client that needs a custom built arch top frame to display Jesuit icons for the local Jesuit order. I checked with a couple cabinetmakers and they weren't very interested, also looking at 4-6 mos if they had time.
General specifics are: Basswood( or similar grained soft wood), square cap shape approx. 3/4" tall. It will be hinged to a back frame that needs to be approx. 1 3/4" tall and in the same arch shape. Overall size will be 22 1/2" wide by 34" tall.

I will do the finishing work so I just need the unfinished frames.

We're still in the design stages and will have more detailed specifics later.May possibly go with 2 smaller ones.
If anyone knows of somebody, or is willing and able to do the work, let me know.
Eric Tollefson at Masters Framers in St. Paul could do this for you. I don't have his number but you could get it through the ppfa.
Puttyboy, Arch top as in a curved top with rectilinear sides and bottom, or a cathedral with architectural pediment, friezes and cornices?

Do you have any pictures that you could post of the icons?

There are several companies that can provide you with the usual Tabernacle in 14th or 15th century....

But only a few of us transgress the set barriers into the sanctorial and imago...

I'm disappointed, Baer. I was certain you were going to tell Puttyboy he should be able to knock one out with a pocket knife and a big chunk of timber.
Thank you Ron,I shoulda searched!

Just a basic arch top Baer. Naked. No ornamentation.
The Jesuit order seems to be a fairly no frills order.
But what the **** do I know, I'm just a non-practicing protestant.