AR and Museum glass


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Nov 15, 2002
Fond du Lac WI
Is anyone else having as much trouble as we are with scratches and spots on this glass? We are using the recommended cleaners and cloths. Any advice?
Both of these products require careful handling.
I prepare a new clean surface to place the glass on and handle the glass with cotton gloves.

Good luck
Handle glass as little as possible ... use two pairs of gloves (put on double) ... if possible avoid laying glass down on bench prior to installation ... try to avoid cleaning ... if you have to clean a section use micro fiber cloth ... have two cloths (one to apply glass cleaner sparingly if needed, the other dry to polish) ... don't spray air onto glass (creates spots) ... observe glass against black mat or black foamboard to check for marks prior to installation ... make sure your workshop is soundproofed so your neighbors don't have to listen to sound of cursing ... and try to avoid selling museum in conjunction with black suede!
About 30% of our sales use AR or Museum; and we don't use cleaner on either of them. I bought Tiger cloths and gloves from and we just wipe the dust particles off, lay it down on the art package and fit into the frame. We never touch the glass with bare fingers. And we sell a lot of dark suedes with AR/Museum and although it takes a little longer to get all the particles out, the money is worth it.
When I moved my shop into a somewhat smaller space, I actually bought one of those Fletcher Lite-Grip gadgets to support the glass while I clean it. I have previously posted about how you could do the same thing with a whole bunch of round-top clear (not brown!) Bumpons, but I lied.

The Lite-Grip gets a thumbs-up from me, but remember, I also like the Attach-EZ.

Sometimes a cloth will leave fine streaks of cleaner, which look like scratches.

A couple of tips:
1. Use a non-abrasive cloth, such as a cottom diaper or a microfiber cloth. Do not use paper towels or synthetic fibers other than the special microfiber.
2. Spray a non-ammonia liquid glass cleaner, such as Tru Vue Premium Clean or Kinetronics cleaner onto the cloth, NOT the glass.
3. After wiping off fingerprints or dust, continue to buff the surface until all the streaks go away.
my answer is YES. But what I'm seeing more of is bubbles in the glass, maybe it's retro glass :D
If you have defective glass, send it back. Their quality control is good, and Tru Vue is very good about replacing defective glass. The coated AR and Museum products are the most difficult to make.