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We've just got the above so that my wife and I can do our own thing on the interner at the same time. Only got a computer at home, but just bought a laptop.

My wife thinks that if we take our laptop and the router down the shop, or anywhere else with a phone for that matter, we can get dial-up access to the internet.

I think we would need a separate account on the shop's phone number? If that account were also AOL PLatinum would we be able to use internet/credit card machine and phone at same time?
Hello Robo

If AOL Platinum Broadband means DSL, then it is limited to just the line at your house to which it has been assigned. Unlike dialup modems, it has to plug into to specific wiring. The phone company transmits the high speed data through your existing phone line, at a higher frequency. (They give you special filters to put on your phones, so you don't hear the data - and so you can make regular voice calls at the same time).

If AOL Platinum means dialup with a modem, then it is portable and can be used anyplace you are at the time - as long as you arent also on at home simultaneously. Yes, it works just like a phone call - so you wont be able to use the phone line for voice, fax, or credit card machine calls while online at the shop.

It is also possible that AOL throws in both for the same price. Some ISP's do that here in the states.

Hi John,

As Mike says broadband is dedicated to a single line per account, so you could set up another account at the shop. Dialup is now almost useless due to the large size of data transmitted these days.

With your laptop and a wireless card you can also access "hot spots" these are links at places like airports, and many hotels now have them, more so abroad than in the UK.

If you are using the wireless capability of the router, make sure you set it up as a secure network,or else anyone within range (up to about 200yds) will be able to use your connection.

If you get stuck, you can drop me an email or even a phone call if you get desperate.