Anyone want to trade mat designs?

Jean McLean

CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Feb 25, 2001
Millinocket, ME, USA
I am in desperate need of a moose head (side view with antlers) of a moose head that I can cut out of mats with my CMC. Trouble is, I have the Fletcher-Terry and not the Wizard. I usually design my own but can't seem to conquer this one. It needs to be on a floppy in dxf that will cut on the FT. I would be glad to trade a design if that entices you. I want the moose head to cut small (say 1" by 1") or close to it.


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Aug 10, 2004
The CMC Doctor
Here are several options:

First; If you have a design in mind you can e-mail me the picture and I will create the program for your 6100. I can e-mail you the DXF file and you can put it on a floppy to transfer to your machine. If you can't receive attachment via e-mail, I can post it on a web site for you to download. All of these being more convienent than paying UPS $10 to send you a floppy/CD.

Second; I don't think a 1x1 moose head with any kind of detail is possible on any CMC cutting with a blade. But I can have the complete mat cut for you using a blade on the openings and a router to cut the moose head.

Third; If you want even more detail in on the moose head I can cut the mat openinging with a blade and the moose head with a laser. Mat colors will be important on this option since the laser cuts by burning through the mat you will not want to use suede mats (the fuss catches fire), and only in certain instance will you want to use white (the cut core edge is brown).

Let know if any of these options appeal to you and we can talk about prices.