Anyone use digital/video design assisting programs???

Aug 13, 2001
Coronado, CA, USA
Anyone use those programs that assist you in what the final framing choices will look like on a computer screen???
Any of these affordable???? Any advice? Why bother? How's the weather? Hot Santa Ana breeze blowing here in So. Cal. :cool:

Thank you, best wishes to you all!

On the surface it is a cute idea. In reality a waste of money and time. Once you got the customer in your store real samples are best for me. It's just adding another layer that would take time and attention away from closing the sale. Time, Time and more Time selling gets you $0.

Glenn, I looked all over for this thread so I could respond. Imagine finding it here? ;)

I've used FrameShop Pro and Integrated Framer. The first is the "pro" version of a free demo software. It's not expensive, but I've never actually used it to design a frame. The second is a Wizard product that works best in conjunction with their Virtual Gallery DVD and software. It's available with a monthly rental fee. It's great fun and a useful design-learning tool for the novice framer (like my 14-year-old daughter,) but - like FrameShop Pro - I've never actually used it to design a frame for a customer.

The biggest limitations are:

1) The mouldings and mats you use may not be in the database provided. In theory, you can add your own to FrameShop, but it's a daunting project even for a geek like me.

2) The colors and textures of the material will not look on the computer screen anything like they look in real life. If you print the image, it will look even more removed from the real thing.
Oh, and it's cold and sunny here right now. Or at least it was until the sun went down about 2 hours ago!

We have to generate our own hot air here and we're good at it.
Oh, is that what that warm breeze from the east is?!