Anyone use Attach-EZ on sm. rug?

Sherry Lee

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 25, 2002
Phoenix, Az.
I have a 20x28" rug about 1/8" thick to mount. It probably weighs 2 lbs. Does anyone have any experience using the Attach-EZ on such an item? I wondered if the weight would pull the fabric from the 'T' over time.
I haven't done a rug, but if I was going to, I would distribute the 'T's' evenly (using many) so that the weight was not significant on any one 'T'. I don't think 2 lbs would be a problem unless it was only attached in a few places.
Yes, it will work. As Maryann suggested, use many attachment points -- not only to limit weight on any single attachment, but also to provide good overall support for the rug.

I suggest a line of attachments across the top, about 2" apart. Add another line of attachments about 4" apart, 1/3 down, and again 2/3 down. Also add a few across the botton, to keep it from flapping.

The extra lines of attachment will relieve stress on the upper attachments and keep the rug from sagging. All of them will be loose enough to allow expansion & contraction without wrinkles.

Be sure to use a sturdy mount board. I suggest a 4-ply matboard with 4 mm polyflute reinforcement. Poke the Attach EZ attachments through both layers.

I did one two months ago that was 26"x60" and the tool worked great!

I went around the edges in the lighter areas and colored the attachments before putting them in the gun to match colored areas.

best Cliff Page
You are WONDERFUL!! I had decided to 'attack' the job as you each described, but I just wasn't convinced that the method might be too much for those little plastic 'T's. You've given me confidence to 'plow ahead'! THANK YOU for that!

Happy Holidays to all!!
I have mounted many rugs, quilts, and other heavy items since developing this product. The fasteners are nylon and are very strong. A 2# rug should be no problem with the weight, although to give extra support you may want to use 1/4 " Gator foam board for your substrate along with your mat board, and then use the 1/2" fasteners to attach it. The Gator foam board is a little more rigid than regular foam board so be careful when inserting the needles. I have used it to demonstrate at the shows and it works quite well for heavier items. If I can be of further assistance, please call Fletcher's customer service and they will forward your call to me. Good luck.
Thanks Pat!

If you happen to see this question, I wonder if you put something stronger through the gatorboard (like pre-'driling') before putting the needle avoid bending/breaking the needle.

Happy Holidays!
I've never used an AttachEZ, but I have used the good old fashioned quilting guns. Those little plastic T's are pretty strong. Have you ever tried to snap one that is in clothing? The cloth will tear (or your fingernail) before the plastic breaks.

The day I discovered those things was almost akin to getting a V nailer. (remember the days of gluing and nailing?) The amount of work saved by such a simple tool was worth a fortune.