Anyone offer a frequent framer program?



The gift certificate thread reminded me of this....

I have been thinking about offering a "rewards" type program for the customers that happily pay to frame their stuff with us- again and again. You know, spend a certain amt. on framing, and get the next frame job free, or a good % off, etc. I know it is a little gimmicky, but the idea is to thank these loyal customers with their loyal framing dollars.

Thoughts/experience with this type of a "frequent framer" program?
Do a search on this forum and the business forum, as this has come up several times during my short memory span.

I have used a program for many years and my customers are pleased with it. So if you can't find the previous posts, let me know and I'll do some digging or repost the information.

The idea, as you said, is to encourage and reward repeat business.
Thanks for responding. I know better than to post without doing an exhaustive search in the archives. There's a great thread from March 2000 that answered a lot of my questions...

I appreciate you being kind while pointing out the obvious to the oblivious.
My pricing is related to the attitude of the customer. lf some one spends a lot and l can cut a break l will. lf someone wants to negotiate, l may. lf someone brings a lot of work or refers someone l will adjust prices. lf someone appears arrogant in thier bartering l will either up 20% then off 10%. or just let them walk. l try to always have a small gift (a sachet or pocket token ) as a thank you for thier purchase. Also if you have a business a lot of people will hit you up for donations; l give a $25 gift certificates good for 30 days. l look like a hero and most are never cashed in. PS anybody want to buy a boutique type Art and Frame shop with a good landlord in a Historic mill in central New Jersey (in business over 25 years) flexible terms Call Earl (609) 259-3535 after August 12th.