Anyone Near Lexington KY wth a computer cutter?


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Feb 14, 2004
Nicholasville, KY
Hello. I need a little help. In addition to doing framing I collect aviation prints signed by WW2 pilots.

I recently picked up John Shaw's newest. Paper size is 40in x 24in. Lets see here, top mat will for sure be fabric and I have a large patch about 6in by 6in to frame with the print.

I have a 48in Fletcher 2100, but with any bit of creativity on the mat, I would much rather do it via a computer cutter.

If I supply the boards and design it all out on paper, anyone near lexington Ky be willing to cut it for me for a resonable price?

Owensboro is about 4 hours!

Check with Jerry V in Louisville. (they like it when you pronounce it Louis ville). If not there are tons of suppliers in that area that would do it too. Masters frame supply in New Albany Indiana would help!
I'll do it for you, no sweat. Do it for others all the time. Call me or email me direct.
Phone # 502-241-1845